(Show Stuff) North Lanark Highland Games

“Delta Hanging Around”

I hope to see you there as I will have a booth at the games. Save it on your calendar, Saturday, August 24th 2019. One day only. You’ll have a chance to see Darby and Delta and I promise Dixie will get over her shyness and be there as well. I have already bribed her with 100 live mosquitoes to come with us because she’s not sure she wants to hear a pipe band. You may even get to meet Lacey, Flutter and Fanny. Their a little flighty and may not like the music of the day either. We’ll see.

I’ll post further details – booth number and location, further “Flights of Fancy” friends making an appearance at the games and such as more information becomes available.

For now, I’m off to catch mosquitoes for Dixie as promised.

Sue Gibb,

*Imaginer* Designer and Owner of

Hazy Dayz Dragonflies and Friends

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