(Fancifull Story) Dexter (Dex) showing his Dexterity… And how to save birds.

Dexter has moved into his new home in Oh Valley quite seamlessly with help from Delta, Dixie and Darby. Everyone darted here and there until all of Dexter’s belongings were exactly where they needed to be for him to feel comfortable. After a brief rest on his mirror so he could check his toupee, he joined his new friends outside. On the way, Dex centered himself to greet his ancestors, the original 3 Hazy Dayz Dragonflies. No, these are not my prototypes that I’ve previously mentioned. I’ll show them when I believe you are ready for a good chuckle. (Update – Blog titled, ‘Success’ shows a photo of my prototypes on display at the Glengarry Highland Games, August 2-3rd, 2019.)

He found Delta inside my car, hanging from the Dashboard mirror but couldn’t figure out how she got there so waited patiently for her to fly out after she had her picture taken.

Together they flew over to greet Dixie. She showed off her lovely “patinization” that is growing on her. Once Dixie was use to the cooler climates in Oh Valley, she wanted to be outdoors all the time. The fresh air here is good for her. Even the rain showers don’t deter Dixie. She clamps on and weathers the storms as they come.

And finally, Darby, Delta, and Dixie walked Dexter to his new place of “deployment”, his job. He has been hired, as have 3 of his siblings, to test a client’s theory that he might be useful in deterring errant birds who fly into windows that are just too darn clean.

Humane First Aid: In most cases the bird has not broken it’s neck but is stunned unconscious. The head will droop as though the neck is broken. If you do not help your feather friend at this stage, it will die of suffocation as it’s lungs will not be able to take air with it’s body weight pressing on them. Find a shoe box, and place a few sheets of lightly crumpled paper towels into it. Gently lift the bird and lay it on the paper towel bed. Try to place it on the towels so that it appears to be perched – legs down, head up – Not on it’s side. Place the lid on the box giving the injured bird a safe environment so it can recover. Leave for 15 – 30 minutes right where the bird fell but keep an eye on the box if you or your neighbour has cats. After 30 minutes, either the bird will be concious, wanting to fly away, or it will have expired. You will maybe hear the bird rustling to get out. Lift the lid and allow it to fly away. You’re no worse off for having tried to save it even if, this time, you are unsuccessful. I have saved 4 birds by this method. It’s a good feeling to have been able to help mother nature.

The Fancifulls also went for a long flight yesterday. I will try to get some pictures posted from their adventure later today. Until then,

May your week ahead be as wonderful as every week in ‘Oh Valley.’

Sue and The Fancifulls

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