(STUFF) Orchid Stakes, Anyone?

First off, let me say that the idea to use a garden stem for a potted orchid was someone else’s. I’ve learned to always listen to my customers and even those who are not customers…yet.

Then, I thought of the complete family of Fancifulls. Delta weighs only 6 grams or 0.21 ounces, including hanger hook. She can easily suspend from an orchid bloom without causing the slightest distress to your prized plant. Unfortunately, I’ve taken a marvelous 6-second video that I’m unable to find… more on that at the bottom of the post.

Dixie, The Meek But Strong, can clip onto your brass support of 3/16″ or less or by biting into the wood with her alligator teeth, a typical wood support of 1/4″ or less. I’ve tested it.

And finally, there’s Darby, used as an Orchid Stake. I was in a local Kitchen Shop in Oh Valley, investigating innovative ways for retailers to display my wares a lovely woman at the counter suggested this Orchid Stake application. Since then, I’ve had so many suggestions in only 5 days that I’ve been doing this – from supplying them ready to attach to hair clips and combs, brooches, and even to add a Suction Cup accessory for window installation, to warn off feathered friends that may attempt to fly through your squeaky clean windows. (If this were to happen, and if they are only dazed, I know how to help them recover. Have a shoe box ready and please contact me and I will advise you. I have saved 2 sparrows, 1 red-poll, and a young robin from dying of suffocation, their own body weight on their lungs, or being the next meal for a famished feline.) Maybe contact me well before such an event as time is of the essence. You can pass it on to anyone in the same pickle.

Getting back to the suggestion. I thought was ingenious, in theory. I have no ability to quickly test said theory and the time frame to do such testing could be quite substantial. I hope it will have that ability and I’ll be able to provide the claim on my packaging.

In practice, when I discover a supplier of quality suction cups of an appropriate size (and price), I will offer them as they can cheerfully glitter up any sooth surface from your school or gym locker interiors, to your work filing cabinets to flat-sided glass vase like the ones you see displaying lucky bamboo shoots. (No Picture yet.) I do caution however. If you do have a beautifully top-heavy blooming specimen, you may want to keep an eye on it for a few hours/days to be certain the 18 gauge wire, soon to be newly acquired, 16 gauge wire will support it.

I’m afraid I can’t find the 6-second video on my phone to gmail it to myself and include on this website. I was able to locate it “Somewhere” when my phone asked me if I wanted to show it to friends I did send it to about a dozen of you to see there but not sure how I did it and it was something about sending an invitation. Beats Me! I still have it and will SOON show you our little wonder, Delta swinging in the breeze.

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