(Stuff) Now to do what I’ve been meaning to do for weeks…

I’ve wanted to add two “Table of Content” pages so that my young readers can find the stories of their Fancifulls without having to read all the adult stuff they may not be interested in. When I figure out how to accomplish that, today, one will be titled, “Follow the Fancifulls” and the other will be titled, “All the other Stuff.” This means I have to read, and separate posts that may be a blend of the two types of information. I will also have an opportunity to proof AND to ensure the progression of my story lines are accurate. I currently write in my blog as the thoughts occur but I have no references.

Here goes… 🙂 (EDIT 3 hours later – not sure if that’s possible so until I find out, Will identify each post heading with either “Stuff” or “Fancifull Story” so you can learn about my company, Hazy Dayz Dragonflies and Garden Glitter, or The Fancifulls at your leisure.)


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