(Stuff) Back up and running…

This man contacted me to let me know my e-commerce site was down. Thank you!

Hello everyone,

A huge sigh of relief escapes me as I type. Thank you to Rebecca, Rick, Gio, Katie, Marcus and Fox at WordPress for all your assistance. Error SP37 is no more.

FYI – IF you change banks/credit cards and the like, review your site to ensure that once you’ve swapped out with PayPal, your blocks are still active. (If you don’t have a WordPress site, this may seem like garble-de-gook, but if you do have one, you know what I mean!

If the above picture is you, please contact me. I’d love to give you your dragonfly for your wife. That’s the least I can do. 🙂 UPDATE March 21st… My gentleman has been in touch. His dragonfly will be winging its way to London, ON tomorrow, by the grace of Canada Post, still operational. If you are a military veteran, like myself, you might also be interested in his products – Battle Rattle Candle Company – https://battlerattlecandlecompany.com.

I will be adding some larger items, possibly tonight, I have been quite busy creating dragonfly mobiles such as the one at the top of my ‘Shop Collections Online’ page. No two are alike.

Now to get out of my PJ’s and personally deliver an order to a customer’s porch across town, Orleans Taking every single precaution. Paying by e-transfer so no physical money changes hands either.

Please stay safe everyone. Social Media can be your link to your loved ones. Ignore all the other garble-de-gook! 😉

Sue, Axie and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

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