Custom Fancifull Stories – available for puchase

We, as adults are living in extraordinary times, stressful times, confusing
times. For children, this new “normal” can be extremely frightening and they
need our love, attention and reassurance more than ever before.

Many parents will be home with their children for an extended March Break.
Most travel plans have been postponed. Visiting the mall, movie theatre, museum
or other family attractions are no longer an option.

Let’s make lemonade by looking at this major inconvenience, not meaning to downplay COVID-19’s severity, as a blessing. A conduit towards re-connection with your
immediate family. The people closest to your heart. You have an opportunity to
step off the wheel, re-charge and BE with your family. Now is the time to do
all the things you’ve wanted to do with your children. Those special times
you’ve been trying so hard to incorporate into your lives. No concert, sporting
event, or Disney trip is needed to show you’re your family how much you love
them. YOUR undivided attention is what they crave. Lemonade.

Now’s your opportunity to re-introduce yourselves, especially if you live in
a house full of teenagers. Spend time getting to know each other again.

Initially, the kids may balk at this next option. Don’t give in. You’ll be
glad you had this time together when you look back in 10-20 years. Consider
engaging less with technologies and more with each other during this limited
point in time. Dust off any board games in your attic. Something as simple as a
deck of cards can supply hours and hours of fun, between Crazy 8’s,
Concentration, Rummy 500, Go Fish, or my favourite that I learned to play on
long bus rides to high school, Euchre! There are so many more card games that
are family oriented. SNAP!

Reading to each other is also a fun, relaxing way to spend time together.

What if a story could be written specifically for your child or family
within 24 hours of filling out a Customizing Questionnaire? An uplifting story
that makes everyone smile, perhaps laugh out loud?

Customizing Questionnaire

Name/Age of child – main story character.

Child’s best friend’s first name.

Child’s favourite food.

Child’s favourite toy.

Child’s favourite sport.

Name of a favourite relative, as spoken by child, that may
or may not live with them and their relationship to each other – Grandma? Zia? Cousin? Brother? Nonna?

I require a new source of income for the same reason you are home COVID-19.
My craft shows are cancelled. I have time to write and predict you may need
lightness in your life. My 20+ website stories will give you a giggle, a sense
of peace and possibly thoughts of, “This is how the world should be!”, I
guarantee you will feel better about uncontrollable circumstances while reading
these stories. Some of your stress and tension will be relieved, if momentarily.

Above all, you will have a keepsake of this snapshot in time to look back on,
with your child at their wedding.

I feel I can help children more than ever before. My Fancifull stories found
on this site are designed to gently instill kindness and patience, inclusion
and acceptance, empathy and caring.

Please email me at

I trust my fellow man. You do not have to earn my trust. I am prepared to
write and send your custom story without payment upfront. If you, and
especially your child is satisfied, I would request payment of $20 per story.
This can be paid via major Credit Card on my secure “Shop Collections Online” page.

This will give me a source of income and a way to keep my brain cobweb-free while self-isolating. If popular, I will try to maintain writing custom stories after we come through this brief, though very trying time in our lives. 

Please Be Safe. Be Kind.

Sue Gibb