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Made from Ottawa River driftwood, the shape of the lower arm reminds me of a Mountain Alpenhorn. Sometimes referred to as an alphorn, a musical instrument readily identified by its deep resonating tones that can be heard for miles. Today, the alpenhorn is making a resurgence in European music fairs and competitions though for centuries its purpose was as a communication device relaying information to fellow shepherds across vast mountain valleys.

Alpenhorn hosts five copper dragonflies, on two arms.
Azure blue glass beads; aluminum and copper accents

Each piece of driftwood I use for my pieces is personally selected for its uniqueness, from the shores of the Ottawa River, meticulously cleaned and protected with a light coat of water-based, satin-sheen urethane to enhance the colour variations of each arm.

Designed for indoor or outdoor display. Gentle rains and light breezes only. Suggested locations include porches, enclosed patios, gazebos, sun rooms, solaria, conservatories, breezeways, spas, and bathrooms where shower steam will age the copper to a beautiful verdigris patina. Have you been debating what to do with that dormer window space? Light enough to suspend from a command hook to not damage your ceiling.

The speed at which the copper transforms in any location is dependent on the amount of moisture present.

Outdoors: 6 months to a deep bronze hue; 2-3 full years including winter to a green patina resembling that of roofs of Canada’s Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.

Indoors: New-penny look will gradually transform to a deep bronze hue over 3-4 years. Unless placed in a steamy environment, it will not transform to verdigris.

Size: 24″ (61cm) at widest point; 16″ (40.5cm) drop measured from top arm.

Mobile weight: 3.24oz (0.093kg). Packaged securely in a 24″ X 6″ X 6″ corrugated box. Shipping weight: 0.75lb (0.340kg).

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Weight 0.340 kg
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