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DARLA is DARBY’s little sister in Oh Valley. She has not been in many stories yet but she did wonder why DARBY always wanted to be home before dark when the family was out having so much fun, like that day in Crazywort. The celebration was just getting good and he said he had to get home to do a school project.

For customers who wished that I would make gold dragonflies, DARLA is made of brass, in a similar style to the copper and aluminum versions. I’ve learned that brass is not as malleable as copper or aluminum.

The steel stem inserts beautifully into the hollow end of a bamboo stake – up to the first node – to increase the height you can display DARLA from.  If your stake has a node closer than a couple of inches from the end, cut that portion of bamboo off to have access to the hollow on other side of node. A small hand saw or even a… eh hem… bread-loaf knife will work for the desired cut.

Brass will darken with a rich antique patina over time.

Dragonfly Size: 3.5″ (9cm) X 2.75″ (7cm) in length.  Shipping weight 0.972oz (0.026kg)

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