Driftwood Accent “BOB”

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“”BOB” Dragonfly Driftwood Accent Piece

I could explain his name. Bob, if you like but it may not make much sense. Artisans sometimes have mad thoughts.

Ottawa River driftwood that has been meticulously cleaned, and clear coated with an exterior urethane coating. Resting on Bob’s tail is a single copper dragonfly – Ted? – with Glacier Blue alcohol ink wings.  Bob’s eye is a small glass marble that I’ve had kicking around here for a year or two just waiting for a knot hole to set it into… NOT.. But it works!

Bob holds interest from all angles. With care, the wire holding dragonfly mate aloft can be re positioned to accommodate your preferred viewing angle.

25cm (10″) wide X 10cm (4″) deep  X 10cm (4″) tall.

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