Driftwood Accent – “ELLIE and FRIENDS”

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ELLIE Driftwood Wall Accent

I hope you are able to see that Ellie is an eel.

She has made friends with two brilliant blue dragonflies who have granted her request to be brought from the deep lake to experience life on land. You may notice some remaining iridescent magic dust that her new friends sprinkled over her to allow for this transformation. Check her underbelly towards her tail end.  Once the dust is gone, Ellie must return back to the lake from whence she came in order to survive.

Two hand-crafted copper dragonflies light on this unique wall accent, a first for Hazy DayZ Dragonflies. Ellie’s fin is crafted from copper mesh dragonfly wings, recycled from a Tiffany-style Dragonfly stained-glass lampshade. Her eyes are burnt orange clear glass beads.

ELLIE’s hanger, 14 gauge copper wire, can be removed by uncoiling it from the copper roves and rose-head nails under her belly… typically found in boat and canoe building. She will  then stand on your book case or side table… as well as an eel is able to stand that is… not having legs. She will remain righted.

39 cm (15,5″)  wide X 21.5 cm (8.5″) high X  7.5 cm (3″) deep.

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