Driftwood Accent “YEARS END 2020”

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This is a thin piece of driftwood. Why is it so special?

This is a single layer; one growth ring, signifies ONE YEAR of growth on the original tree. An edge bears the charred remnants of fire, whether by natural causes, or campfire, proving this piece has survived a difficult existence and has endured. It is determined for a higher calling.

Rescued along the shores of the Ottawa River, its future now secured! 2 flamed copper dragonflies hover above, celebrating that 2020 is over!

Driftwood, collected May 2020, dried throughout the summer, meticulously cleaned and clear-coated with an exterior grade, water-based, urethane for protection and displaying the variations of grain colour.

29 cm (11.5″) wide X 11.5 cm (4.5″) high X 15 cm (6″) deep.

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