Driftwood Accent “FLIP”

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FLIP is just a little guy. My first in a line of patinated copper (Blue-Green Oxidization) dragonfly accent pieces… and likely will be my smallest. Driftwood is at a premium during winter months in Ottawa. I’m using ever piece I collected last spring.

Authentic driftwood, collected from the shores of the Ottawa River in Spring 2020. Left to dry for 6 months… and to allow any residents to vacate the premises (?), meticulously cleaned, and finished with an protective, outdoor grade, water-base clear urethane for durability and to enhance the grain colouring.

I have developed my own copper solution using copper scraps, salt, and white vinegar along with a healthy amount of time and patience to offer a product that does not require the 30-year aging process required Canada’s Parliament Buildings and other copper clad roofs.

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