Driftwood Mobile – “KALEIDOSCOPE”

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**New Listing June 7, 2021.

KALEIDOSCOPE Driftwood Breeze Mobile

My first BUTTERFLY Mobile!

From above, watching the brightly coloured butterflies reminded me of a KALEIDOSCOPE. From choosing this name, I’ve learned how to spell “kaleidoscope too!  I’m reminded that the vowels in this word are in the same order as the verse we learn as children to keep track of vowels “A,E,I O…..”

I’ve already thought of improvements as I type this so offering this one at a very special price.

In Future, all Colourful Ink MOBILE Butterflies will be inked on top and bottom…  Possibly all butterflies though not sure its in the budget just yet. I am finally realizing that darn adage is true; “TIME IS MONEY.”

Ottawa River driftwood, meticulously cleaned, white-washed, sanded, and clear-coated with water-base gloss clear urethane allowing some shine with the sparkle of the butterflies. driftwood branches.

Glass beads in green and bronze, with glass, glistening bronze double stability bob.

Not recommended for outdoor display. UV protecting automotive clear-coat has been applied to the inked wings and will impede fading but not completely block it. The transparent colours on this mobile do not have the many pigmented layers found on vehicles. Topside wing colouring will quickly fade in direct sunlight.

Unpacking Instructions Included with each mobile.  Suggest you read them before unpacking or you may find all your cords and antennae tangled. Cords wrapped neatly around improvised cardboard spools as shown in a couple of accompanying photographs. Hang top loop from hook and gently remove cords working from bottom up.

Size: 51 cm (20 inches) x  86 cm (34 inches) drop from top branch.

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