Solar-Lit Tulip Wreath

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Though This is sold, Allow me to design one to suit your decor.  Each wreath will include 3 or more of my signature copper dragonflies. Aluminum(Silver) or Brass (Gold) also available.  Pricing may vary and is dependent upon design.


This stunning white wreath, wrapped in alternating lengths of black, pewter and dark bronze tulle, is lit at night by 100 micro Light-Emitting Diodes, LED’s.  A 6ft cord leading to the solar panel box allows you to access the daily sun while still allowing your wreath to be under shelter. Wreath will remain lit for up to 4 hours with 8 hours of pre-charging, depending on mode selection,

Eight unique solar panel “mode” settings for additional sparkle and glitz to your wreath. (I prefer the on-all-the-time mode myself, but I’m old. This setting may not guarantee 4 hours of lighting as it requires the most charge. Play with the box is my suggestion and see what works for you.

Free Shipping Within Canada and contiguous USA.

Completed wreath measures: 20″ (51cm) X 20″ (51cm) X 4″ (10cm)

Solar panel box: 2.34″ (7cm) X 2.34″ (7cm) x 1″ (2.5cm) with clear 6-foot integral lead from wreath.


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