Sue Gibb


Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Sue Gibb, an Imagineer!  Yes, that’s me. It says so on my business card.

I have created a community of affectionate, affable copper flying insects better known as “The Fancifulls of Oh Valley.”

In the Fancifull Stories tab above, or the stacked, 3-dash hamburger on your phone, you will discover a multitude of various species that work, play, learn, and even dine together in harmony.  The cornerstone of the community is their Insect Inn. Travelers check in, departing refreshed; rejuvenated from their stay. Some guests, so enchanted with Oh Valley, have opted to remain  forever. All are welcome.

Loosely based on my home, the Ottawa Valley. Both communities are that inviting. You may recognize local landmarks in these stories. I hope they conjure memories and elicit smiles.

In conjunction, I have crafted tangible copper dragonfly and butterfly versions of the story characters. Along with home and garden decor, some styles are brooch pins and hair combs for personal adornment. Please check my SHOP if you would  like to learn more about the collections.

For now, I invite you to follow the lives of these remarkable critters, the Fancifulls.

Their stories are lighthearted, funny, and sweet. They centre on a reoccurring theme of acceptance and inclusion:  The Fancifulls are accepting of each other, overlooking physical and invisible differences. You will soon notice that it is their varied differences that binds their community, allowing it to thrive.

My wish is that you have a young child in your life who would like a new bedtime story.

Thank you so much for stopping by… Relax and transport your mind, your favourite cuppa within reach.



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