My Front Door

My Front Door

How did “The Fancifulls” come into being? Here is my back-story.

My journey has not been one I expected, one with a retirement plan leading to strategies, enabling me to reach my goal by a pre-determined age.

I am a born-and-bred farm girl who joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 21. After serving my country for 11 years, I chose a new path. I have enjoyed small successes in the cottage industry with a furniture repair and refinishing shop, “Rejuvenations,” followed by a baking and confectionery business – “One Accidental Bakery,” and more recently, with the development of a candied-nut product – Almond Maple Crunch, all while working a 40 hour week for someone else.

While gainfully employed as a customer service representative, I spoke with tens of thousands of customers over the phone for 19 years! Part of my responsibility was to learn about new products that our company brought in. I would see, touch, even use samples enabling me to answer a customer’s phone questions before or after a purchase.  Reviewing the newest products one afternoon, I had a weird revelation. Some might call it a light-bulb moment. I glanced at a patio-stand-style weather vane, with a dragonfly motif aloft instead of the typical rooster. Nearby, I noticed a display of copper plant tags. I looked from one, to the other and back to the first. I knew in an instant that I could and would make dragonflies from the copper tags. Like I said, WEIRD! With no set purpose, though a lot of determination, I began creating prototypes. My first two dragonflies if you could even classify them as such, looked horrendous! Undaunted, I set them aside and persevered. I have kept my prototypes and may post pictures of them some day. For now, it is too embarrassing. (Photos added June 4, 2020 at bottom of page.)

By my fourth prototype, I felt I had figured out a good technique for making dragonflies from the copper tags. What could I do with this knowledge? I decided to make a few and decorate a grapevine wreath for my entry door. That was all I had in mind ~ an attractive and unusual wreath to dress my door. I enjoyed making them and was asked if I could make a few for some friends and neighbours. At work, colleagues asked how much I charged for them. Up until that time I had given them as gifts.

Rough Shape

Rustic Appeal

I began to assess the pros and cons of my past ventures with those of a possible new one, Hazy Dayz Dragonflies. I considered the artistry and uniqueness, finished product weight for ease of transport and shipping, their infinite shelf life, construction without electricity or adhesives, and colleagues willing to pull out their wallets before I had a set price. The Fancifulls are cute and most importantly bring smiles and joy to those who see them. I was hooked.

Scratch Black Forest Cake

Colleague’s Retirement Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Now you see them …

Now you don’t

With many design ideas, and customer suggestions regularly, my mind races. I am keeping track of all comments for future reference.

I had all but given up on being an entrepreneur, when this venture darted into my consciousness, hovered, and came to rest in my heart. I take pride in making every dragonfly, knowing its my imagination, design, technique, and crafting ability that brings each one to life.

Yours Truly laying on my hard-earned baking money

Yours Truly laying on my hard-earned baking money


 UPDATE – June 4, 2020

 I have decided to show you my prototypes as I’ve come to terms with the wonkiness of the originals. You can see the progression from top left spiralling around to the middle. Honestly, even that centre dragonfly is not as I craft them today. I have added little nuances that make them a smidge more fanciful.  Proper Hazy Dayz Dragonfly Fancifulls.


My Prototypes on Display

My Prototypes on Display


The takeaway?


Having passion is great. Passion and commerce do not always marry…. but when they do, they will live happily ever after.