I found it! My 90-minute blog post! 🙂 Darn laptop saved it in Drafts… easy peasy. LOL

Hey There Everyone!

Now that things have slowed for the winter, I’ve spent this past week sitting at my computer, after photographing, editing, measuring, weighing and developing text for many new items on my website. All are still my own pieces but my mind races with new ideas constantly. (Should I mention Pointsettias for your Christmas Tree 2024? – Yes.)

New in 2023 were DAHLIA, a new style hanging dragonfly, and my ‘On the Ledge’ series of poppies, some with dragonflies flying above the poppy. Some are still available. Oh Crap. How do I enter that darn link? HERE

2023 was a year that was relatively safe to be out amongst people again. That was great. Now if we can continue to weather the economic storm, things will be grand. I have been able to tighten my proverbial belt and managed to pay off over 50% of outstanding debt – incurred during the pandemic.

I really wish I could say the same thing about my literal belt. It’s definitely tighter – though not from slipping back a notch. I’ve got a New Years’ resolution for that I think. My problem is that living alone, like many, I eat in front of my TV. I don’t even notice the food, really. I just eat it FAR TOO FAST.

So this is what I’m thinking of doing.  When eating – No TV. No book. No Smartphone. Instead, an 8″ X 10″ MIRROR, propped on the table with my face staring back at me. I will see how fast I’m shovelling food in and how fulll my cheeks are. Hoping it disgusts me so much, I stop eating, or at least SLOW DOWN. Maybe I’ll actually be full before I finish my plate. I know fresh fruits and vegetables would help me. Maybe next year when the prices are more inline with my budget.

My biggest news?  I am finally developing those long-promised dragonfly workshops! My first class with friends is early Jan. 2024 – January 6th to be exact. I’m very excited and hoping to have a sign-up system developed by Mid January with in-your-home workshops available weekly by February.

Won’t that be a nice treat on a cold, dark, day – Crafting copper dragonflies in your own home with your family, neighbours, and/or friends?

More info on this coming in the first week of January after picking the brain of a maker friend who has been teaching her art for decades now. I have a whole raft of questions for her.

Happy New Year from Sue (me) and Axie (my Cairn Terrier)