OK… so this has to be brief. The Axe Man (you know him as Axie) and I are going on an adventure tomorrow morning. Before the sun comes up, we will be parked somewhere along the Ottawa River – waiting for first light to scavenge public beaches for drift wood for my dragonfly mobiles. I will have to have inventory for the winter so I can create Dragonfly mobiles for Spring. By then, I’ll be making Butterflies too so possibly Butterfly mobiles??

But I’m about to burst with this news…. I’ve passed the pictorial audition and application process for Signatures.ca and will be a vendor for their “Originals Christmas” show at The EY Centre here in Ottawa. The show runs from 5th to 15th of December.. I may not have the wonderful help I had at Glengarry so opted to show for 6 days only. I will be showing from December 10th through 15th, in an amazingly spacious 10′ X 10′ booth…. Oh My!…. I can already imagine my Christmas Tree decorated with dozens of Dixies, Darbys and Deltas and tiny lights so small you can’t see them when they are off. *sigh* (UPDATE – August 28th – I have spent several days feeling as though I’d shot myself in the foot. I’ve denied myself the opportunity of showing my craft for the full extent of the “Originals Christmas” show. What a mistake. Well…. I found the nerve to call the organizers back, requesting the full length. Graciously, Nancy, the exhibit coordinator, informed me that all that was required was a line change in the contract she was currently working on. I have now registered in a local college’s database (Algonquin), filled in their lengthy hiring application and am hoping to hire 2 hard-working students for booth assistance. Plenty of time, Right?

Also, if you are not aware, this year the ” Signatures.ca Originals Christmas” show will be linked with the new “CHRISTMAS GLOW” extravaganza that will be at the EY Centre simultaneously. I’m assured you will find activities for every age range. There are numerous, family- oriented interactive displays to delight the most discerning toddler, teenager, and adult. (I’m told there will be a concession area and even a BAR!)

So… O-Dark-Early comes earlier every morning… or so it seems. Looking forward to our walk on the beach. Hope I find some interesting Driftwood pieces.

Sue, The Axe-Man, and the ever-delightful Fancifulls of Oh Valley