Today I’ve been working my fingers to the bone to try and produce enough Fancifulls for the Glengarry Highland Games. I have 4 full days of production left as well as early mornings and late nights around my full time employment. My magic number is 300+ Darbys, 300+ Deltas and 300+ Dixies. I would also like to make a dragonfly mobile or two. I can picture it but no time to prototype it. Also would like to make some floral door wreaths with a few Dragonflies on them for the show.

I’m in an enviable position in that my company is still not a month old (Tomorrow – 1 month old. Whoot Whoot!), yet I have been given a opportunity to be a vendor at one of the premier outdoor events in Canada. Many vendors have been coming to the Games for decades and have been building their stock for months whereas I’m coming in wet-behind-the-ears and with less than 3 weeks before the event is officially OVER.

Gotta say, I like a challenge. If ever there was one, this would be it!

One other very important detail that I’d like my readers to know. I have been in touch with CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), and they have approved a method I will be using to collect donations for them. I have asked a friend to join me and she, Joanne, will handle regular sales of Fancifulls so that I can meet you and assemble Fancifulls specially for you at the Glengarry Highland Games. For the regular price of a Fancifull – $15.00 plus a $5.00 donation to CHEO, in 3 minutes I will assemble your very own Dragonfly – Dixie, Delta or Darby, with an added glass bead that signifies you received your dragonfly from me directly at this particular event in 2019. (There are no markings on the bead. I will be keeping track of the glass bead style and colour used at each event. These particular dragonflies may be quite rare. If we are extremely busy as I’m hoping and predicting, I may not have much spare time to make them with the many customers needing service. Here’s hoping. I plan to bring components to assemble up to 200 dragonflies for donations to CHEO.

I will be offering this service at other events too, Lanark Highland Games with my friend Rick, so in future, you can compare your collection of Fancifulls with your friends collection and THERE WILL BE MORE FANCIFULLS – Butterflies, Bumble Bees, Grasshoppers, Ladybugs and Moths. If you’ve been following my posts, you will have been introduced to some of these characters already.

Time to hit the hay. 4:00AM comes early. I’ve included what Darby thought was a lily pond. We made it there but it was a very pretty fountain with some pond greenery in it. There wasn’t a lily-pad in sight.

(Too tired to post upload pics taken yesterday morning. Fresh post for your Sunday Morning Cuppa. Of note, My company is 1 month old TODAY. Cheers!

Have a beautiful day.

Sue, Axie, and The Fancifulls