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“Mother and Daughter” signifying Princess Juliana and her baby, Princess Margriet, born in Canada during WWII

Two passions, I imagine and handcraft every single Tulip, Dragonfly and Butterfly Fancifull,
as well as pen the many Fancifull Stories about my Dear Fancifulls.

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Sadie, in all her lavishness, descended on the Insect Inn of Oh Valley without warning, leaving all the Fancifulls unprepared and temporarily gob smacked.

Unfortunately, Sadie could not travel light. She always accepted gifts, so she didn’t disappoint or insult anyone. Sadie couldn’t understand why her beauty garnered all these wonderful gifts. She wasn’t any more special than anyone else. Yet, as many times as she tried to return the kind gestures, she was always denied.

Sadie was unconcerned. She was quite used to being admired for her iridescent blueness. She politely ignored all the staring. The first moments were her only irritation when arriving in a new community and meeting everyone. Her “looks” had a presence all their own and Sadie was always at risk of putting people off. She had learned to offer her true self rather quickly to avoid people getting the wrong impression. Once you got past her rather extraordinary beauty you realized she was more like the girl next door.

“No. I couldn’t possibly accept”, she would kindly refuse.

“It would be my honour to know you have this. I’ve made it specially for you. No really, Please,” and Sadie would politely accept. 

Sadie was a dance instructor. She flew to communities as far as her wings would take her. Her dancing and her luggage ensured she received plenty of heart-healthy exercise and could travel to many communities in her region.

In Oh Valley, times were good and like other communities, the Fancifulls wanted to learn new dance steps to use at their many celebrations and the ever-popular Winter Cotillion. Belvedere, with Buttercup’s assistance, researched and found an instructor with good reviews and knowledge of the latest trends. They contacted her and set up a week’s long stay at the Insect Inn, in exchange for 3 group classes a day to teach the new steps. She was agreeable though stated she would not be teaching any Fancifull how to spin on their heads as her insurance didn’t cover such moves. They agreed that would not be expected.

Belvedere had been preparing and expected their new instructor to arrive tomorrow. She was early! And so many cases? What room could they possibly offer to her?

” Oh My”, Belvedere thought. “There’s only one possible room that will hold all Miss Hawkins’s luggage. I hope Buttercup doesn’t mind rooming with Gryffin for a week.” They would require Butter’s turret room. “Oh, DOUBLE My! How could he ever convince Butter to remove some of his many books to be replaced by the instructor’s items?” He would lean heavily on the ‘temporary’ angle when he confronted Butter.

Time for some serious buttering-up of Buttercup!

Meanwhile outside Buttercup, had returned from walking, Calvin, his nephew, home. Calvin was still a Caterpillar so Buttercup walked with him. It was good exercise  for him and he missed so many interesting sights when he quickly flew past. He would miss these walks when Calvin morphed into a Monarch, like himself.

Coming around the side of the Inn, He nearly stumbled, headlong into the huge stack of luggage. If he hadn’t taken immediate flight, he would have. Once over the mountain, he immediately spotted the iridescent stranger on the other side. Now it was Buttercup’s turn to be gob-smacked.

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps one in a continual state of inelegance.” Sadie offered in way of greeting.

Buttercup was nonplussed. “You read Jane Austen?”

Sadie recognized Buttercup as soon as he landed beside her.

“Yes, and I thought you might too. I believe we attend the same literary group though I’ve not had the pleasure of being introduced. Please allow me – My name is Sadie Hawkins.”

“Hello. I’m very pleased to meet you Miss Hawkins. My name is Buttercup. Please call me Butter. All my friends do”

“Pleased to meet you too, Butter. Do call me Sadie. It’s very refreshing to enter a community as a stranger and so quickly find a friend. The weight of the unknown has already been lifted and I can begin enjoying my stay immediately.”

Belvedere came outside to find Butter already in conversation with Sadie. It seems they had a few things in common and were well deep in conversation. Maybe that would help to soften Butter. He could only hope.

“Hello Miss Hawkins, I see you have already met Buttercup. I am Belvedere, Senior Fancifull, whom you have been in communication with about dance lessons. I see you are like myself and prefer to be early – even by 24 hours, rather than 5 minutes late. I’ve lived by that motto my whole life. Thank you for taking our request so seriously. We will have your room ready momentarily. Please come in and relax in our spacious lounge/dining room. We will take care of your belongings.”

“Butter”, Belvedere whispered, “Can I see you for a second?”

Once out of earshot, Belvedere explained the situation. “The only room large enough for that whole stack outside is your room. Unless you can give me an alternative, I’d like to suggest we move her in there, and you stay with Gryffin for the next week. Maybe you can make sure he gets his homework done while he and Gracie are here visiting Gramps.”

“But she… She… She… She’s a SHE!”

“My room is not set up for Sadie to live there. There’s barely enough space for me in it. Where could we possibly store that mountain of stuff?”

“Well that’s the other thing”, Belvedere continued. “Can we re-locate some of your books so she can get all her luggage in your room? Oh, and I’m guessing Sadie may also need closet space for all her dance costumes. It would be very inconvenient for her if she had to go searching all over the inn for her belongings.” There! It was all said.

There was silence. Mississippi 1, Mississippi 2, Mississippi 3, Mississippi 4, Mississippi 5, Mississippi 6, Mississippi 7, Mississippi 8, Mississippi 9, Mississippi 10. Ten complete seconds of very long silence. Where was Cranberry or the new Triplets Carter, Clementine and Cassidy when you needed them? At least then, he could have heard crickets chirping.

Then Buttercup suggested the largest “Family Turret” for her stay…. or even Dinah’s Turret. Why his?

“Butter, you know the Family Turret must remain available for any travelling families. It is not our policy to offer it to individual guests. Dinah? I don’t even want to think about it. Our resident Diva is much easier to please now than when she arrived last summer but I’d rather not chance the repercussions of Sadie and Dinah sharing a room. Please Butter? I’m begging you. It’s only for a week.”

“OK. I’ll agree. I will even help Sadie move her luggage into my room once I clear enough space. This could take a while. Did you see that stack on the lawn out there? Next Autumn’s renovations will need to include that fourth turret we keep talking about. This situation proves we really do need it. I’ll start on the drawings this week – in between dance lessons, of course.”

Gryffin, Grady and Grommet helped Buttercup move mountains of books to the shelving at the far end of the Ball Room. While re-sorting his beloved books, Buttercup wondered why he didn’t think of this sooner. All Fancifulls would now have access to books and be able to look up the answers to questions they would have brought to him. This was good. They would learn.

Later that day, Buttercup’s room was tidy enough so as not to embarrass him too much. Sadie entered and very charmingly thanked Butter for his kindness. “Would you have dinner with me tonight? I can meet you in the dining room and will reserve a table.”

“Yes, Sadie, I would like that very much. However, the Insect Inn boasts a rather unique dining experience. The room is furnished with one unbelievably long trestle table at which all guests sit and share food and conversation. Last Thanksgiving, we had close to 100 guests at our table for a memorable celebration with all Fancifulls in attendance except Bizzy. It is this style of dining that unites travellers and villagers alike.  We are very proud of Oh Valley’s community spirit and the dining experience offered at our Magical Insect Inn plays an important role in fostering that spirit.

“If we sit beside each other we might still be able to chat over our meal. I can’t promise quiet, but I can promise wonderful food and company, though may be  a bit boisterous. There is no ‘Kiddie’s Table. Mostly though, you will be able to experience a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. I highly recommend it.”

“Sadie? What are your thoughts on Snarlguk and Thistledrip? I believe I saw them on the menu for this evening. They are usually reserved for special occasions. I’m not sure what could be special about tonight though I’m not complaining. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.”

The following day, lessons began. Belvedere had planned a Spring Fling Dance in the Ball Room for the end of the week so that everyone could use their newly-learned skills. Any reason for a Fancifull celebration was a good reason!

Buttercup found that he was really enjoying learning the new steps. It didn’t hurt that because of early introductions, he became Sadie’s go-to partner and he helped with as many classes as his free time would allow. The designs for the fourth turret were on hold, yet again. He was having far too much fun to be concerned about something as uninteresting as a turret. He hadn’t even been missing his own. Sadie made his butterfly heart do flip-flops. Buttecup was in love.

By the end of the week, Flutter was being seriously twirled by Twig, Darby and Daisy were floating three feet off the floor, and Sadie and Buttercup were shining, their moves were so brilliant. Miss Phyllis and Mayor Peabody made a delightful couple to watch, nimbly sailing across the crowded dance floor with the advantage of their height to see above other Fancifulls and plan their route. Even Delta and Dexter were tripping the light fantastic, a combination even the author never saw coming!

For the grand evening, Twig brought out the same top hat that Darby gave him to boost his courage to ask Flutter to dance, unlike at the Winter Cotillion, Darby showed up at Daisy’s home on time to escort her to the Spring Fling.

Though best of all? Buttercup and Sadie were deep in discussion over the plot twists of King Lear. They had finally found some time to themselves and became so engrossed in their literary conversation, they totally missed the ball.

 IThe following morning, Sadie tidied up Buttercup’s room and prepared to leave for her next community dance lessons in a town 2 days flight away, Barkston. Buttercup helped bring her luggage out to the glass-fronted portico. He still had difficulty believing she could and would carry it all herself. But he had learned that Sadie was powerful in mind, spirit and body. She was so much more than beautiful.

In the corner of the portico, sat a well-loved gramophone. While everyone waited, Sadie wound it and ever so lightly, placed its needle down, to play her very favourite piece of music, Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. With calm confidence, she glided to Buttercup’s side, and with a gentle flourish of her arm, asked, ” Buttercup? May I have this last dance?”

To teary eyes and polite applause, Buttercup guided his dance instructor across the floor in the most beautiful waltz anyone at the Inn had ever witnessed. Buttercup had never known a happier time. There was so much more to life than what could be studied in a book. He found he was awakening to wonders that had been in front of him his whole life but he hadn’t taken time to notice. He was finding himself Somewhere in Time, though lost to the present.

And with the end of their dance, Sadie said goodbye and within a blink was gone.

I think Sadie might visit Oh Valley again. What do you think?

Sue, Axie (who turned 11 today) and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

***Of course, my inspiration for this story was my memories of the yearly ‘Sadie Hawkins Dance’ held at my school when I was young.  An occasion when the girl asked the boy to a dance, instead of waiting to be asked.  I feel that with the tables turned young ladies developed a greater sense of how difficult it was for a boy to ask a girl to a dance. Once knowing, we became more caring and kinder in our refusals if we chose not to attend with them.

As times change, more girls are learning to be strong and ask for what they want. This is a fantastic turn around and now boys don’t have to be the only ones nervous. Girls now know the nervousness of asking – instead of wondering if they will be asked.  I’m not sure if schools still have Sadie Hawkins dances. I don’t believe they do but they hold fond memories for the author.

***I was listening to my very favourite music while writing this tale. Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. I do highly recommend it as well as the movie for which it became the soundtrack. “Somewhere In Time circa 1979 starring – Christoper Reeves (Pre-Superman) and the incomparable Jane Seymour. I found the strings gently intruded into my train of thought and wouldn’t let go. Many a young child might not care to hear my ending for this tale. But for romantics like myself, I’ve kept it as is. Enjoy. God Bless.

Buttercup is one busy butterfly. Though he is still young, there’s no time to play Rain Ball or Wing Tag. He cannot recall the last time he stopped to watch a sunset or dream about his future. He’s not bothered. He lives the role and life of his choosing, that of Community Answerologist, Oh Valley’s answer to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Butter is depended upon by friends, family, neighbours, in fact everyone in Oh Valley, to solve life’s mysteries. He has developed a massive knowledge base, has an unceasing devotion to his community, and pursues further achievements. For this Buttercup has also been the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship. Much of his success is due to his extraordinary photographic memory. Every picture Buttercup looks at, everything he sees is captured in a corner of his brain – a very large corner, so that he can recall every detail.



Buttercup – a perfect companion. A conversationalist and storyteller, any topic you wish.


 Mystically able to bring his cocoon-filling book collection with him during his metamorphic process, Butter is easily able to fly up and find the exact book he needs to answer any particular question. His collection of books is massive and growing daily. Butter uses the Dewey Decimal System, to keep them neatly crammed on shelving that lines the curved walls of his turret room at the Insect Inn.

Wait a minute! How can a caterpillar bring his book collection with him as he emerges from his cocoon?  With each direct question I pose, I receive an answer from Buttercup that although lengthy and imaginative, does not solve the mystery. I’m left to chalk it up to the mystical forces of Mother Nature.

Equally as mystical is the turret room he resides in. From the outside, no Fancifull can say for certain how tall the turret is. Its peak is much higher than insects can fly. Buttercup could determine its height if he had the inclination. He knows all about triangulation. His only concern is that it is tall enough to hold his books. Buttercup, unlike other Fancifulls is also aware that the tower is growing taller as his collection continues to expand. That same mystic power that saw the collection arrive at the Insect Inn is continuing its charm.


Buttercup and Dexter having a conversation by the beach.

Another peculiar fact is that Buttercup is easily able to fly up inside the turret, as high as he pleases without harm.  He’s never tried to reach the peak from the outside as other Fancifulls have. He’s too busy reading and answering questions. 

Today, Groundhog Day, is Buttercup’s favourite day of the year. Through his studies, he has developed the power to keep himself and all around him in a “Continuum Loop” while he gets himself caught up on all the niggly things he’s been putting off. The loop-hole is then dissolved without any Fancifulls being aware they’d been replaying one particular day of their life for multiple days. (Does this remind you of a certain movie?)

Neat trick if you can get away with it. Right?


Buttercup attaches easily to any flat, non porous surface – glass window or mirror, polished marble, quartz or granite.


Let me introduce Cassidy, Carter and Clementine. They have been out weeding around the Lingythingy Berry Bush for what seems like an eternity. Kristoff, their guardian, shoos them outside after they finish their breakfast, exactly the same breakfast each morning, and tells them not to return until all the weeds have been removed. Each day they head out. Problem is, there are no weeds. The Lingythingy is thriving, not a weed in sight. They are puzzled. They don’t recall weeding it.

The triplets are new to the community but they have already heard about Buttercup. If anyone can answer their questions and figure out what is going on, Buttercup can.

Meanwhile, Butter is deep into spring cleaning, without interruption. He’s beginning to see improvement over the haphazardness of three days ago.  Was that a knock at his door? Yes, definitely a knock, albeit timid.

On the other side, three crickets stood staring up at him, a little dumbfounded. Hadn’t they ever seen a butterfly in a pinny before?

“Buttercup, Sir?”

“Yes. Excuse the apron. I’m doing my spring tidy-up. How can I help you?” Buttercup was so wrapped up in his cleaning, he never stopped to wonder why ANYONE, let alone three young crickets, obviously identical triplets, were knocking at his door. What happened to his spell?

“We have a mystery, Sir,” Carter gets his voice back first.   

“Sorry to bother you but we are so confused. I’m Carter and this is my brother, Clem (Clementine), and my sister, Cass (Cassidy). We are pleased to meet you and hope you can help us.

“Our  Guardian, Kristoff, Do you know him? Anyway, he sends us out to weed the Lingythingy Berry Bush every morning but there are no weeds to remove. It has been weeded. Why would all the weeds be gone when we don’t remember weeding it? Can you help figure out what is happening?”

Uhhh Ohhh, thought Butter, these foster crickets are new in the community. They arrived just as he was settling down to start his cleaning. They must have missed the Charm Sequencer (Buttercup’s answer to the Google Car) when it rolled past their new home. Butter had to think fast!

“I’m sure everything is fine. Why don’t you go out and have a look around your new community. Seems to me that Kristoff’s main concern was that you spend time outdoors and get lots of fresh air. Wander around. Explore Oh Valley. Don’t forget to be home in time for dinner. I promise that by morning, everything will be ‘right as rain.’

“By the way, how are the Lingythingy Berries ripening up?”

Cassidy, happy with Buttercup’s response, and prone to exploring, ignored his question. Instead, she posed her own.

“Can we come inside and explore the turret? It looks ever so interesting!”

As Cassidy tried to slip under Butter’s wing and gain entrance – without success, Carter said he was not sure. They’d never seen a Lingythingy Berry bush before. “How do you tell when the berries are ripe?”

“When the Berries are soft and have turned from a bright orange to a deep blue, they are ripe and ready to pick . Raw, they are very bitter. Cooked, their flavour mellows and they are the star ingredient in my home-made chutney, a favourite Snarlguk condiment.

“And you, Miss Cassidy. You can see by my pinny, I’m in the process of a good cleaning and everything is a bit at sixes and nines. Maybe another time?”

Buttercup turned his attention back to the boys just as Carter said the berries were actually a yukky brown colour. Clementine thought they were rotten. He was going to try one to be sure but Carter said he shouldn’t. Why would Kristoff want them to weed a bush that had rotten berries on it?

(Kristoff makes Lingythingy Wine with the berries and wants to pick them once they reach their height of ripeness to ensure plenty of sugar and starches. He found this rare bush on a recent walk in the marshland and it reminded him of home, Geugenstorch, where these bushes were cultivated into every back garden. In a month, they’d be ready to pick.)


“That’s good! Right on time, Buttercup said. Between bright orange to a ripe, deep blue, the berries go through a muddy colour stage. As I recall, it should be another week and they will be ready to pick. Would you like to help me pick them?  Then you can come inside and help me make chutney, and You,” Butter looked directly at Cassidy, “can go on an expedition of your own around the turret. How does that sound?”

 Cassidy stared up at him with a wide-eyed innocent smile. “Do we have to wait?. We’re right here NOW.” What a little imp!

Carter and Clementine were fine with his invitation for next week and dragged Cassidy away before she could persuade Buttercup to let her in NOW. Cassidy was very good at persuasion. Today, they would explore the out-of-doors, certain that was what Buttercup had intended.

Author’s note – It’s a good thing Fancifulls are friendly and willing to share equally among the community. I hope Kristoff learned that in Geugenstorch. Either way, I think the triplets will be busy. 🙂  

 Buttercup leaned against his closed door. “Oh My Word! That was close!”

Buttercup pondered throughout the day what should be done. He felt guilty for not actually answering the children’s question. How could he? It may have frightened them to know his power… except for that young Cass. She didn’t seem to be afraid of anything! 

By the end of the day, after lightning-speed cleaning, Buttercup realized he should not be taking advantage of his powers in such a way. He would never do it again! Butter resolved to never allow his turret room to get into such a disheveled state that it required multiple days to clean it. He would plan his life to include time for more than researching and answering questions.

He would never again stop everyone else’s progress so he could catch up… Never Ever Again!

Tomorrow, he would celebrate Groundhog Day in the same manner as his neighbours, by nudging poor Beckham, their community Groundhog, to see if he sees his shadow. He’ll watch with everyone to see if Beckham races back down into his burrow, to signify six more weeks of winter or if remaining above ground, spring would be right around the corner. Either way, Buttercup would be ready for it!

Tonight, Buttercup would also take some time to watch the setting sun from his turret window, high above the trees. 

Here’s hoping your local Groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and spring is around the next corner.

Sue, Axie, Wiarton Willy (who did NOT see his shadow this morning), and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2020 – I do try to base my imaginary tales in some science. In doing so, I am learning many interesting facts about insects. Today I have learned that a butterfly never emerges from a cocoon.  Butterfly caterpillars shed their skin as they grow, similar to a snake. However as they prepare to transform, their final outer skin hardens into a pupa otherwise known as a ‘chrysalis.’ Knowing this is happening, the Butterfly caterpillar will use its own silk threads, similar to a silkworm and attach itself to the underside of a branch and await the hardening his body and the magical transformation. How AMAZING is that? 

How do they know when to suspend themselves from the branch? Couldn’t it be dangerous with birds lurking if they don’t harden quickly enough? Now I have more questions! 

Technically this story about Buttercup – that I have edited to the best of my ability, should state that he emerged from his chrysalis with his massive book collection. I’m leaving that part as is to see how many readers notice my error. 

Some moths, though not all, are creators of cocoons, before the chrysalis process begins. The cocoon gives them an extra layer of protection around their hardened bodies. (Here is a time lapse video of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar creating his cocoon.) The silk worm is a well known example, with their actual cocoons unraveled in a washing process and woven into the fine silk garments worn around the world.

If you are a firm believer in doing no harm to living beings on our planet, I suggest you research Ahimsa silk, manufactured in a process that does not harm the silk worm and allows it to complete its metamorphic process and fly away prior to harvesting and washing the discarded cocoon.



Daisy has come to visit her friends at the Magical Insect Inn of Oh Valley. It has been a very long time since she last visited. She’s hoping her friends will still recognize her. Even she thinks she looks so much different from her last visit, when she spent all her time out back of the Inn, in the cattail shallows of the Mighty Oh River. Much of her time was spent keeping her 360-degree gaze on the local Bull Frog, Fester. Daisy didn’t want to become his next lunch.

Her visit this weekend was due to a formally inscribed invitation from Second Lieutenant Darby MacIntyre Dragonfly for the 2020 Oh Valley Winter Cotillion. She gladly accepted. The Oh Valley Winter Cotillion was the event of the season and she was pleased to be attending with Darby.


deltas-in- hydrangea

Dragonflies playing Wing Tag


Darby, however, had been called away on duty and was not expected to arrive until very late on the afternoon of the Ball. He would not be there to greet her on her arrival but would do everything in his power to ensure he was there to greet and escort his guest into the fabulous ballroom, centrally located inside the three-turreted, Insect Inn.

Daisy is so looking forward to seeing Darby and all her friends again. The trip to the inn took a fair bit longer than you would expect for a dragonfly. Daisy was accompanied by her young friend, Twig. As Twig, a Walking Stick, is unable to fly, Daisy walked the distance to Oh Valley with him.

Twig was on an errand to Silvio’s Haberdashery to pick up the silk hat his mother, Willow, had on order. Daisy convinced him he should come to the Cotillion and that he would have loads of fun. He would meet some new people, many of them with interesting tales to tell. With Willow’s permission to stay overnight at The Insect Inn, and return with her hat the following day, it was all set.

Twig missed part of his Mom’s conversation with Daisy. Instead, he was doing what Twig liked to do best – day dreaming. While they were talking, he was imagining life as a living “Pick-Up-Stick,’ where he, and only he, would determine the outcome of the game. What Power!

Daisy assured Willow that she would look out for Twig and be sure he was respectful of his elders. Willow knew that her son would be learning a very good skill at the cotillion. Like all skills, learning young was definitely the way to make the new skill stick with you.

Do you know what a cotillion is? Twig didn’t… yet.

The walk was sunny and bright and the pair talked all along the path to Oh Valley. Twig was having some difficulty with his “times tables” , especially 7 and 8’s. He thinks it was because he missed school the day they were taught and never quite got the hang of either of them. They recited them together and Daisy helped him catch up to the others in his class. By the time they arrived at their destination, Twig knew all the times tables through 12 and was very relieved to now be ahead of his classmates. What Twig still didn’t know, and hadn’t thought to ask is, “What’s a Cotillion?”

Daisy and Twig checked into their rooms at the Magical Insect Inn. Once he was unpacked, Twig came out of his room to have a look around. He saw all the fine decorations and then a poster advertising the ‘Winter Cotillion.’  All the insects pictured on the poster were dancing. He wondered why?

“Hey Daisy?”

“There you are, Twig. How’s your room?”

“Oh  fine. It’s bigger than my room at home and there’s extra leaves in the corner that are folded neater than I’ve ever seen before.  Hey Daisy? Why does this poster show insects dancing?”

“Oh, that’s a poster advertising tonight’s Oh Valley Winter Cotillion. Isn’t it lovely?”

“Fine, but why the D.A.N.C.I.N.G?”

“Twig, what do you mean?” Dixie looked confused. “Don’t you know what a cotillion is?”

Twig shakes his head back and forth. “No.”

“It’s a french name for a Ball where we dress up and dance the night away! It will be so romantic!” Daisy was obviously thinking about dancing with Darby.

” What? Oh no. Not me! I’m not dancing. I don’t even know how to dance.  Listen Daisy, I’m gonna clear outta my room and go now. I gotta get Mom’s hat before Silvio closes. See ya back in Crazywort.”

“Stop right there, Mister! Don’t run off like a scared rabbit. Your Mom raised you better than that. I promised her that I would teach you how to dance. Learning to dance now will be an advantage when you are older. You won’t be embarrassed when you want to dance with someone. You’ll know how already. The one you choose to dance with will be very impressed Please trust me. Twig?”

Obviously this will be Twig’s first Winter Cotillion and both he and Daisy had their work cut out for them. Twig doesn’t want to disappoint him Mom or his friend.

Now of course, Twig found walking easy, for Twig is a Walking Stick. Dancing, however proved to be a bit problematic. Though he was giving it his best shot, he couldn’t get his six legs to move in unison and unlike Daisy, who seemed to be comfortable on four and sometimes two, he needed all six legs to keep his balance.

Fortunately as his frustration at not being able to control his own limbs started to get a solid grip on his temper, Darby arrived. He saw Dixie and came rushing over, apologizing for not being here when she arrived. They began to talk so fast to each other as though they were making up for lost time. They totally forgot he was standing there with his legs in knots. This was his chance to skedaddle if only he could untangle himself. If he hurried, he could still make it to Silvio’s Haberdashery before closing.

“Not so fast, my friend.” Darby spoke clearly and sharply, something he’d picked up at Drone School.

I really do need to get my Mother’s hat before Silvio’s closes for the day. 

“May I join you?” Darby asked. “I need a new Top Hot for tonight and if any shop has what I hope to find, it will be Silvio’s Haberdashery.”

Twig was out of there so fast that Darby found it difficult to keep up. “What’s your hurry, Twig?”

“Daisy is trying to teach me to dance. I’m not very good. I’m not good at all. I don’t understand how she can stand on four legs and sometimes only two. It’s impossible!”

“Ahhh, I see. I think there is something that Daisy forgot to mention when she was teaching you. The easiest way to learn to dance is to look for the best dancer in the room and ask them to dance. You lean on each other. They will hold you up so you can balance on four legs. Soon, you’ll be balancing on two legs because you’ll be using their legs to help you balance. After a song or two, you’ll get the hang of it and won’t need to lean on your partner as much. By the end of the evening, you’ll forget that you arrived today not knowing how to dance. You have my word.”


Fancifulls arriving at the Oh Valley’s Winter Cotillion

Twig stared at Darby in amazement. Darby was an insect of the world. He must know what he was talking about, right?

“I know it sounds impossible right now but you give it a try tonight and I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself and by the end of the night, you will be glad you learned how to dance.” Give it a go?” asked Darby.

Darby bought a beautiful top hat lined with the smoothest royal blue silk while Twig waited with his Mom’s parcel.

That evening as the music started to play in the ballroom and all insects were assembled, Darby turned to Twig. “One last piece of advise?”

“Anything, Please!”

A few guests taking in some fresh air outside the inn

Guests getting fresh air outside the Magical Inn at the Winter Cotillion

“Don’t expect to be perfect.  If your legs do get tangled up, laugh it off. Remember, tonight is meant to be fun.”

With that, Darby lifted his splendid Top Hat and set it on Twig’s head. Darby had only bought the hat to bolster Twig’s confidence. It was not too long ago when he was in Twig’s shoes.

“Now you’re the most dashing Gent in the room.” Enjoy yourself! Now where’s Daisy? And off Darby went to find his date.

“Thank-you Darby.” But Darby was already gone. Twig felt 10 feet tall as he crossed the room to ask Flutter to dance.


Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

Sue, Axie, and the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

PS…. All Dragonfly Fancifull names begin with a “D” 🙂

Silvio of Silvio’s Haberdashery is a “Silkworm Moth” and all the silk for his hats is produced on premises. I promise to introduce him at a later date.

Christmas Eve had come and gone. Christmas day was almost tied up with a bow as well. Carmen was wondering what she’d done wrong. She’d been very good all year. She couldn’t understand it. There was no gift from Santa. She wondered if it may have been that she didn’t write him a letter like previous years. This year, Carmen had been so busy helping her Mom that she didn’t have time to write her letter to Santa Claus. She had hoped that he would notice that she’d been very good all year without her saying so. He could see her, right?

Carmen always made her bed and helped keep their little home tidy. She was learning to cook basic food so her Mom could rest more. The doctors said she needed lots and lots of rest. Carmen wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong but the doctors said that rest would help to get her strength back. Carmen would lay beside her on the big bed after school and try to read the local news off their iPad. Her reading level since last year was much higher than other kids in her class. She liked reading. Her Mom would help her with the big words and explain what they meant. Then they would reset the iPad and wait patiently for her Dad to come on the screen. They communicated this way every day.

Dad was far away serving the country and couldn’t make it home for Christmas this year. Carmen really missed her Dad. She knew her Mom did too because as she would leave her room to put the iPad away, she could hear her Mom softly crying. Dad kept saying he’d be home in Spring. Carmen hoped he’d be home for much longer this time. She hoped her Mom would be better too and they could go back to being a normal family.

At school, Carmen loved to read and even liked Math. She was very good at both. She studied very hard, learning all she could from her teachers.  Her homework was always handed in on time, and  she paid very close attention to the lessons taught.

Carmen had decided when her Mom first became ill that she wanted to be a doctor. It had been over a year now and she wanted her illness to go away. Carmen was going to become a doctor who researched rare illnesses to find their cause. Her teacher, Mr. McLeod, said that she would have to study very hard for a very long time to become a doctor. She would study very hard. It was important to keep her grades up so she could reach her goal.

Carmen studied so hard in fact, that day after day, she forgot to mail her letter to Santa. This year, Carmen didn’t even find time to write one.  She knew what she wanted. There was a beautiful red toque with faux fur around the band and a matching faux fur pom-pom at the tip in the local department store window. It was lovely. She didn’t want to bother her Mom and Dad for it because it was not a very reasonable hat. Clothes without extra adornment were the type they usually purchased. Maybe Santa would know she liked it? 

Carmen never complained – even when some kids at school pointed and laughed at her because her clothes were not trendy like theirs. When this happened, Carmen would find a quiet corner in the library and read. She knew the kids who liked to tease and laugh at her would never come into the library unless they had to. The school library  was her safe place.

Santa came to Hazy Dayz Dragonflies too… forgot his cane and cap!

Well, with all the millions of other children that Santa visited last night, and no letter from Carmen to remind him, he plum forgot to visit her home. In his defense, it is not on the beaten path. Carmen lived around a bend in the road, and half-way up a very steep hill. Santa shot right passed it as he was gaining altitude to get his sleigh over the steep hill.

This would never do. He had to think of something fast. Carmen had been very good all year and had made it onto his nice list every other year. Without her letter, this year, she didn’t make it on either the Nice list or the Naughty list!

“Pepper?” Santa bellowed.

“Yes, Santa?” Pepper was one of Santa’s finest elves and was always there to help him. Santa is over 200 years old and doesn’t remember everything all the time. It’s a good thing he met Pepper a while back….. But that’s a story for another time.

“Pepper, how are the reindeer? Are they well fed and rested from last night?”

“Well, funny you should ask. The thing is… well… they’re all pretty jumpy Santa. Blitzen says that you missed someone and none of them can sleep because they don’t think their job is done.”

“They are right. I forgot a dear little girl, Carmen –  totally overshot her home. I feel terrible about it. Do you think the reindeer have enough steam to get to her home around the bend in the road and half-way up the steep hill? It’s a wee home with a tiny roof.”

“I’m certain they won’t rest until they have completed this mission, Santa.”

“You may have to land out back and not on their roof. First though, I need to get this little girl my gift. I think I know just what she’d like. Mrs. Claus has been knitting this beautiful little red hat and I saw her finishing it off with some sort of fur this afternoon. I think it would look lovely on little Carmen. I’ll go see Mrs. Claus right away.”

Mrs. Claus found Santa first. “Santa? I made this for little Carmen. I couldn’t find her on your lists this year. I remember you saying that she’s been so good helping her Mom while her Dad is away and that she is studying so very hard in school to be a doctor. I decided to make a matching one for her Mom too. It will help to keep her head warm while she recovers. Do you think we could get these to them?”

“My dear Mrs. Claus. I love you more every day. What would I ever do without you?”

Two toques were carefully gift wrapped. Bright copper ribbons and tags were added and both were placed in Santa’s magical sack while Pepper prepared the reindeer. Some extra Sparkle Corn was fed to each one to give them the energy they needed to make this second trip in as many nights. The reindeer were raring to go!

Santa gave final instructions to Pepper and in turn, instructions were whispered in the ear of each reindeer. Santa wanted to be sure they took it easy on Pepper. This was his first flight actually piloting sleigh. They were ready.

“Up! Up and away!” exclaimed Pepper.

In the blink of an eye, they were in Carmen’s back yard and Pepper popped down the chimney. He crept into Carmen’s little bedroom and set her pretty toque and a cherry-flavoured candy cane on her bedside table.

Next, he crept into the room with the big bed. Carmen’s Mom was awake. Oh no! She saw him! Well there was nothing for it but to explain his presence.  Here goes…

“Hello? I’m sorry to disturb you,” said Pepper, “but I’ve been sent on a mission from the North Pole. It seems there was a clerical error and little Carmen was overlooked last night. Santa asked me to deliver her gift and I have been given one to deliver to you too.  Santa and Mrs. Claus hope you will soon be better. Please let Carmen know that even without her letter this year, she was so good that Santa remembered her. The reindeer did too and wouldn’t settle until we got back here with Santa’s gift for her. 

Carmen’s Mom was spellbound and lost for words. She accepted her gift, opened the wrapping and tried on her new mint green toque. It was a perfect fit… and she felt a little bit better as soon as she put it on. She’d read that, Santa is magic and he’s there for all who believe. Thanks to her wonderful daughter, she was a believer.

Pepper said goodbye and with the team of reindeer quickly took to the sky – Destination North Pole and some well-deserved rest.

The next morning, Carmen awoke to kitchen smells – bacon, coffee and toast. How could that be? Mom would still be asleep. Then she noticed the beautifully wrapped present on her bedside table and beside that a Cherry Candy Cane and a little note… a note that Pepper had not left the night before.

“So sorry I missed you Christmas Eve, Carmen. I did not receive your letter, you see. You are a good girl and I will try not to ever miss your home again, wherever you may live. Please write. I enjoy reading your letters with all your information. They make me smile and chuckle.

Carmen opened her gift from Santa and there was that beautiful red toque with fur trim and pom-pom… only it wasn’t quite the same as the one in the department store. It looked even more perfect… and inside was sewn a tag. “To Carmen, Much Love, Santa and Mrs Claus.”

Carmen raced into the kitchen with her new toque and saw her mom leaning against the counter,drinking a cup of coffee and wearing a mint green toque just like her red one.

Happy Boxing Day, Honey! Want some toast and juice while I get the rest of our big breakfast ready?

Merry Christmas Everyone from Hazy Dayz Dragonflies and me, Sue Gibb.


Photograph of Butterflies in production – 30 destined for Hollywood, California next spring. These will al be “FANNY” once they get their alligator clip attached.

Cranberry knew that Christmas was right around the corner. He was born on Christmas Day. That made his birthday extra special. All his Fancifull neighbours, even complete strangers decorated their homes and shops and made special meals and wrapped gifts. He knew the true reason for all the celebrating but sometimes his mind liked to imagine that all the twinkling lights and streamers and sparkly balls were displayed just for him.

He belonged to the Oh Valley Cricket Choir. It was the best choir anywhere and they practiced super hard to keep this ranking. This year’s choir practices were well underway. The list of carols that would be sung as they strolled through Oh Valley was set. Cranberry liked taking part and he was known for his lovely chirp.

Left Side Ready for Customers…

This year though, his chirp seemed to be a bit off. Sometimes the high notes he could easily rub together in past years just weren’t sounding right. His notes didn’t blend with the other members notes like they were suppose to. The choir master, Sir Candicane Cricket, who had decades of experience singing and directing choirs, cautioned Cranberry that he needed to practice some more at home to be sure he wasn’t out of tune when the choir chirped in public that holiday season.

Oh… but there was so many distractons! Everything looked so lovely outside, especially at night with all the added glitter of the stars. Cranberry kept putting off his practicing. There’d be time later, Right??

Right Side Ready… and my lovely wreath back by the pay station… SOLD. I miss it.

This afternoon, Cranberry was out with two of his buddies, Calvin Caterpillar and Cinch-the-Inchworm. They were out checking all the shop windows to see if there were any new styles of heat lamps for their rooms or drone models to build. It was a bit spooky having a dragonfly model in your bedroom but call it a Drone and that made it the toy all young Fancifulls wanted this year. Darby, their Dragonfly friend, was a real military drone. Second Lieutenant Darby MacIntyre Dragonfly, had completed his training. He wasn’t the least bit scary. He was fun to be around and treated them like adults. He was awesome! He would be home on leave for Christmas before he was needed at his post. All the young Fancifulls were looking forward to hearing about his adventures in training.

Cranberry, Calvin and Cinch were so involved with window shopping that Cranberry forgot about his evening choir practice with all the other crickets. Uhh Ohhh. Sir Candicane was not going to be very happy. What could he do? He didn’t want to let his choir friends down but he wanted to hang out with these friends too.

What would you do?

Driftwood Dragonfly Mobile – “Scorched” with ornaments below

This is what Cranberry decided…

He asked his friends if they would like to come join him at choir practice.

“Why? Everyone knows that only Crickets are allowed in the choir, Cranberry.”

“Why do you say that?”, Cranberry asked.

“Crickets make the best music. Everyone knows that too!”

Cranberry thought. ” Calvin, I’ve heard you hum tunes. You were in key. And Cinch, I’ve heard you whistle. You can carry a tune. 

“Listen guys, I don’t know why only crickets are allowed in the choir. I’m not certain that the choir is only for crickets. Possibly everyone thinks it is only crickets because all our members are crickets.”

Cinch’s voice broke in his frustrated exclaim, “Cranberry, It’s called the Oh Valley Cricket Choir. What are we suppose to think?”

“You’re right Cinch”, Calvin agreed. “It is called the Oh Valley Cricket Choir. My family gathers together every Christmastime, listening to the carolling of the Cricket Choir when Cranberry and all the other crickets come to our window at the Insect Inn  It’s a Christmas tradition.”

“All I know is my chirping has not been sounding very good lately and Sir Candicane is not going to be happy with me. You see, right now, I’m missing a practice over at the community centre. I’m suppose to be there right now. I have an idea. Will you come with me?”

My Dragonfly Prototypes top Left of Picture

Together they made their way to the community centre where choir practice was already in progress. Sir Candicane Cricket had his back to them and was waving his baton all willy nilly as the crickets chirped out the notes to ‘Jingle Bells’. The Choir Master did not see them enter.

Calvin and Cinch eagerly joined in with the singing. They never sang much before. That was always left to the Crickets. They each got so wrapped up in the song they didn’t notice when the choir had finished.  They were still singing their hearts out.

Crickets stared in amazement. Sir Candicane turned around and dropped his baton. He’d never heard two more clear tones in his life and their pitch was perfect. Why hadn’t they joined the choir? Then he saw Cranberry. There was a slight frown on his face as he asked where he’d been.

Here was the perfect opportunity for Cranberry to bring up his plan… but first…

“Ahem…. Calvin? Cinch?…” but the pair of caterpillars were engrossed in the music – their music. By  this point were singing rounds of Jingle Bells in two-part harmony.

“Guys?”… No response.

“Hey!”… Nothing – Calvin and Cinch were swaying to their own music totally oblivious to the scene they were creating.

EXCUSE ME???“, poor Cranberry almost screamed.

“Oops. The pair stopped, looked around at everyone staring at them, looked at each other and burst out laughing. Everyone in the room joined in.”

Driftwood Dragonfly Desk Displays and
Shadow Boxes with Entomology Collections in some.

By this point, even Sir Candicane Cricket himself, was not able to get the attention of his choir and sat back and smiled and all his happy crickets and now he could see why Cranberry had brought his friends to them.

“Sir,” Cranberry began while the rest of the choir was otherwise occupied, “I’m sorry I missed the practice. I don’t sound right and don’t enjoy being in the choir anymore which is not a good reason to not show up. I won’t do it again.

“Can I suggest that since my chirping is off this year, I take on another role with the choir until my legs stop growing and I can control my sound a bit better. I’ve brought two of my friends who, as you can see, love to sing. I believe they would make great additions to the Oh Valley Cricket Choir.

“Unfortunately, they thought that you needed to be a cricket to join the choir because of our name, Oh Valley Cricket Choir.”

Sir Candicane picked up his baton and considered the whole situation, while 30 pairs of eyes swiveled in unison from Calvin and Cinch to see what he’d say. Someone dropped a pin but the sound was ignored.  

“I’m not sure how our choir acquired the name ‘Cricket Choir.’ As a lad, I use to have a good friend, Boston. He was a Bumble Bee and he had a marvelous baritone hum. He and I stood side-by-side in the choir. I think the name Cricket Choir may have been playfully introduced a long while back when someone noticed that most of the members were crickets. The nickname sort of stuck and now I guess it appears to be official but rest assured, it is NOT our official name. We are the Oh Valley Choir.

“Anyone can join the Oh Valley Choir, anyone at all. If you like to sing, we are glad to have you join. We will teach new members that don’t know how sing but want to learn. You said your friends names are Calvin and Cinch?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Calvin? Cinch? How would you like to join the Oh Valley Cric… ahem… Oh Valley Christmas Choir?” Sir Candicane asked.

“Really? Honest? Can we?” Calvin and Cinch were in their happy place.

“Yes. We would be honoured to have two such fine voices in our choir. Practices are every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm for one hour. That doesn’t give you much time to catch up with the others. December 23 and 24th you will be caroling with us… leading the way when we introduce, ‘Jingle Bells.’ Do you think you can handle it?”

“Way Cool!”, the caterpillars chimed as they high-fived. “Yes, Sir! We can handle it Sir!”

“OK. That’s settled…. Now, Cranberry. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t think there were any Fancifulls other than crickets that wanted to take part in the choir. Please take your position and stay after practice. We will have to have a chat about your tardiness and what can be done with your pitch problems this year. You’re not the first cricket with growing pains. I will teach you some tricks to help you make the transition to the chirp that will come naturally to you next year.”

“Thank you, Sir Candicane,” Cranberry felt so much better. He didn’t want to let the choir down and now he wouldn’t. He believed he could overcome his pitch problem with Sir Candicane’s instruction.

Custom 10-Dragonfly Tree Topper

With the few minutes left of choir practice, the members of the choir learned that Cinch and Calvin didn’t need to practice at all! They knew the words, notes, and even where the places in the phrasing to take a breath. They sounded amazing!

They were so good, in fact, Sir Candicane decided he’d have them as soloists out front of the choir for some songs. All the members agreed it was a great idea.  The best choir in the region just got better because their choir included and accepted anyone who wanted to take part and did not limit their members to crickets – … which of course they never really had. It was all a  big misunderstanding. 🙂

That evening, after practice, Cranberry was home under his heat lamp, doing his homework for Miss Phyllis’ class next day. He could have done it three times over in the time it was taking him. He kept getting sidetracked by his thoughts of the wonderful Christmas and Birthday he would have this year. All his friends would be with him in the choir when they went carolling, window to window. And Sir Candicane would take time to tutor him and offer him techniques that would help him sound better.

Maybe he might even get an new Drone model under the Thistle Tree this year.

He was one very fortunate cricket and Cranberry knew it.

Here’s hoping you will share some time with your friends this holiday season. It’s a very rare and valuable commodity these days.

Sue, Axie, and All the Fancifulls of Oh Valley

 Our friends, the Fancifulls, are happy to have made the repairs and upgrades to their magical Insect Inn. Snow has fallen and the nights are much chillier. Some Fancifulls come out during the day, warming their wings while playing friendly games of Wing Tag.



Fancifulls keeping warm with a game of Wing Tag in the sunshine.


For Flutter, however, there’s no time for Wing Tag. Spring Training Camp for the New York Yankees is only a few months away. She can’t let cold weather stop her from her work-outs. Why can’t Fanny be dedicated like she is?

Flutter knows why but is having a hard time admitting it – even to herself. Flutter is beginning to understand that her dream of becoming a starting shortstop on the world’s most famous baseball team, is not the dream of her best friend. Deep down, she’s known all along. She wanted her best friend Fanny,  to be with her when she got signed to the team. That was why she ignored Fanny’s protests to train.

Flutter knows that Fanny’s dream is to become  a Drone Quality Assurance Inspector, not a professional baseball player. She also knows that she is pulling Fanny further from her dream by insisting she come with her to training camp. Flutter feels guilt.  She has been selfish and Fanny deserves much better treatment from Flutter, her best friend.


Flutter practicing his balancing, an important skill for a baseball short stop.


How can she make it up to Fanny? Who could help her? Maybe Buttercup but he was out playing Wing Tag. Belvedere! He would know what to do. Flutter dropped everything and dashed to Belvedere’s hive to seek advice.

She found him in his garden, collecting the last of the season’s bee balm leaves and flower heads. The wilted flowers had been dusted by last night’s first snowfall but could still be dried and used for tea-making. Bee’s love bee balm. Belvedere was no exception. By collecting all year, he was certain to have enough for medicinal purposes as well as for a minty tea and keep the winter chill at bay. Next summer, the cheerful blooms would take up a large portion of his outdoor flowerbeds once more.

Bee balm herbal tea is said to ward off colds and flu and help clear stuffy noses.  Calming of frayed nerves was another benefit of drinking it. On seeing Flutter in such a fluster, Belvedere decided it was high time to make a brew. A conversation over a cup of tea was always a good way to problem solve. Flutter’s world would soon be put back to rights.


Bee Balm, Minarda didyma recognized by its bright crimson-red flowers. Photo credit –

 After Flutter explained how selfish she’d been with her best friend, and that she wanted to make it up to her, Belvedere pondered. He had an idea but he needed to ask permission of someone first that he thought could help.

Although Belvedere had no children of his own, he has a fair number of nieces and nephews. You’ve met Baxter. Now let me introduce Honey. Honey is the head technician at the Drone Flight School, a special unit of ROVeFAR – Royal Ottawa Valley Electronic Flight and Academic Regiment. If anyone could find out what qualifications are required to be a Drone Quality Assurance Inspector – DQAI, Honey could… and would.

With their tea finished, and Belvedere assured that Flutter was less flustered and in a fit state to fly, they headed to ROVeFAR is search of Honey Bee. Flutter recognized Dash and Driscoll and she saw her friend Darby too. Now that Dash had helped Darby overcome his fear of the dark, he had become a top Drone Recruit at ROVeFAR.  Soon he would ‘\ graduate the basic training and become a student with their elite Drone Flight School unit.

No time to stop and chat –  Flutter and Belvedere flew to his niece’s office and Belvedere buzzed them in. A short conversation later, Honey had all the details she needed to request an interview with Fanny. From the way her Uncle and this flustered butterfly were speaking of Fanny, she just might have the drive and grit to get through their rigid training at the regiment. They were in need of at least one new DQAI. She would give Fanny an interview.

Flutter thanked Honey and Belvedere and raced home while Belvedere sat for a spell with his niece to have a catch-up. Flutter was so excited to do something for Fanny. It felt good to help a friend. She found her exactly where she thought she’d be.

Fanny was on her short-wave radio listening in on the commands given by tower control to the drones in flight. She knew all the commands down cold. As a DQAI, she would be trained as a nurse practitioner and a electronics technician. All the gear that the dragonfly drones wore – guidance systems and cameras, as well as the dragonflies themselves would be her responsibility. If they came down with even a sniffle, they were grounded. Clean bill of health or no mission.  

“If only…” Fanny sighed. Flutter came barreling in – if butterflies can barrel – and to her consternation, shut off her beloved short-wave radio. Flutter asked her to listen. Fanny thought that was all she ever did – listen to Flutter. This time the conversation sounded very different.

Flutter began by apologizing to her for monopolizing their friendship and for always coercing Fanny do what Flutter wanted to do without concern for what she, Fanny, might want. Flutter said she’d been selfish, without fully realizing it, and it had gone on far too long.

“Fanny, Are you serious about becoming a Drone Quality Assurance Inspector at the flight school?


Fanny listening to her short-wave radio through her antennae.

“Of course!” Fanny blurted. 

“Flutter, I know you want me to go with you to Spring Training, but really Flutter, I’m just not into baseball.  My prospects are bleak for ever becoming a member of the New York Yankees. The designated hitter has to be able to hit home runs. I always “fan” at the ball and rarely make contact. Baseball is so NOT me. It’s your thing, not mine.” replied Fanny.

“Good answer! Starting tomorrow you are going to get a crack at your dream. We are going to ROVeFAR. You have a scheduled interview. This is your chance to shine. 

With that, they shared Butterfly kisses and said their good-nights. Thanks to Flutter, tomorrow was going to be a huge day for Fanny. She knew Flutter was a true friend. She had never doubted it. Tomorrow was a big day. Fanny needed her sleep to perform her best in the interview.  Good night.


Can you name all your true friends? Don’t forget family members – including dogs and cats. Hamsters count too. 🙂

Have a wonderful week at school and be sure to be good for Mom and Dad. Do all of your homework, chores if you have them, and make your bed. Christmas is not too far away now. Santa’s watching.


Axie helps in the shop as much as he can. He makes sure I get my breaks to – at the dog park.

I may not have another Fancifull Story for you until just before Christmas. My workshop is very busy too and I don’t have any elves helping. Axie is a good supervisor but without opposable thumbs, he isn’t much help in dragonfly and butterfly production or packaging. He’s good at making sure I stop for breaks – his breaks.

Until next time,

Keep warm. Keep safe,

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley (November 2019)