Picture of all the promotional products gifted during “Happy Mother’s Day in Hollywood” this week.

Juliana Tulips available at tulipfestival.ca

Storefront of Cheerfully Made Virtual Spring Market. (Hazy Dayz Dragonflies is a vendor.)

Good Morning!
You may have noticed that my website looks totally different! There is still a fair bit of tweaking happening in the background, but it is live! Many thanks to Barry Harris, of Majaid Web Solutions for all your hard work. Have a look around. You will see all the Fancifull stories on the home page, listed in chronological order. All posts that are not Stories are listed in reverse chronological order under the “BLOG” title. There is a sparkly, new shopping cart. There is still a fair bit of tweaking to do but the structure is there, and I am pleased with it. It is much more cohesive and user-friendly. That was my goal.

Is anyone experiencing Spring yet? Certainly not here in Oh Valley. We have had snow the last couple of days. I do not mean the snow that if you blink, you will miss it. I mean bouts of snow that needs to be shook off your PARKA after walking the pooch. Axie likes it. Myself? Not so much. It may even snow again today, May 10th. Happy Mother’s Day? Though, I suppose with self isolation, it doesn’t really matter what’s happening outside. If it is colder out, less chance of people swarming to the beaches. ?

Can you spot the Hazy Dayz Dragonflies amongst the other fine products? Expand the top left portion of the picture. I hope FANNY and DEXTER keep in touch. They mentioned something about “Facetiming” when they left. I am sure there will be stories. Lash Fary, owner of Distinctive Assets, the marketing company behind this promotion, has told me in a comment on IG that he thinks, “they’re really cute.” I’ll take it!

During all the craziness, if you were not able to find the perfect gift for your Mom this year, there’s still a couple of other options. You can virtually step through the gardens, learn the 75-year history and browse the Tulip Boutique together. I have made copper tulips exclusively for this event. They are not even on my own “Shop” page. Canadian Tulip Festival at Tulip Festival

Then, only until 4pm eastern today, you will have the best shopping experience of your life. Over 180 vendors from across Canada have been brought together for the ultimate ‘Let Mom Shop’ all from the coziness of your comfiest chair in your Onesie! Gift Cards are available. This market is available only to Canadian shoppers. All products you will see are handcrafted by Canadian artists and artisans. Emily Arbour of “Cheerfully Made, a bricks and mortar in Almonte, ON was the brainchild of this fabulous venue. This is her 10th annual Cheerfully Made Spring Market, however it’s the first VIRTUAL one. Emily Rocks! Please check out all the details at Cheerfully Made.

For those of you that are visiting for the first time, Hazy Dayz Dragonflies is in the middle of a contest. I promised to repost the questions that must be answered correctly by May 22nd to receive 2 dragonflies of your choice as well as a limited-edition dragonfly jigsaw puzzle of my creations. For further details, please see my post titled, April’s Contest. The month got away from me, so it was posted quite late. With my overhauled website, the Fancifull stories are easier to find and enjoy.

QUESTION 1. What was the name of the movie Dinah starred in?
QUESTION 2. What town did Dixie live in with her Aunt Myrtle before moving to Oh Valley?
QUESTION 3. What is the relationship between Twig and Willow?
QUESTION 4. What does the acronym, C.H.A.S.E. stand for?
QUESTION 5. What type of insect does Bianca really want to be?

(If you are one of the selected winners – having correctly answered the above questions, here’s a bonus question for you. If you answer this question correctly, I will select a 3rd dragonfly to ship with your prizes. A Surprise Prize!)

QUESTION 6. What is the name of the plant that grows in the middle of the Central park of Crazywort?

That’s all for now. I must get this post to my web designer, Barry. I don’t know how enter a post on my new site yet. He lives in the mountains of ALBERTA (Mountain Time Zone). I hope he sees it in time to post for you ladies who like to shop. Plenty of wonderful handmade products for the home and family – including Copper Dragonflies and Butterflies – The Fancifulls!
Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy some peace and relaxation… and shopping. ?

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley
(New Fancifull Story coming soon!)