Thank you everyone who took part in my first Hazy Dayz Dragonfly Contest. It was so much fun, I will be doing it again. Those of you reading this will get some insider information to help with future contests. I’m kinda anal, though not perfect, in my bundling and prepping. I had planned to create 500 dragonfly blanks. After 3 counts, I can confirm that I only had 496 bodies created and actually had enough wings to produce 504 dragonfly blanks. That’s a whopping 1,008 pieces of copper traced, cut, engraved, pierced and bundled. TIP # 1 Bundles generally hold 50 pieces/pair of wings. Since Dragonflies have 4 wings, 1 bundle makes 25 Dragonflies. Tip # 2 Those small plastic containers stacked up hold the bodies and my intention was to have 125 bodies in each container totaling 500 bodies.

Components Before – Remember this?

Some of you asked what a ‘blank’ is. All the dragonflies are created equal up to the stage where they get their specific attachment, the ‘blank’ stage. Once their attachment is wired on, they become Darby or Delta or Dixie or Dexter or Dinah or Daphne or Dirk…. a complete product. This contest covered assembling the components to that ‘blank’ stage. As it was , it took me 20.5 hours. over a 38-hour period. Even house cleaning and laundry got put on hold. I’m very competitive. 😉

I received contest entries with guesses between 50 and 1500 for available components and completed blanks. What was really nice to see is that most of you thought I would finish the task I’d set for myself. I couldn’t let you down. I did complete it – at 6:30pm EST. My poor Cairn Terrier, Axie had to wait and extra 30 minutes for his supper. Supper! Mine! That’s what I forgot!

I created enough components to assemble 496 Dragonfly Blanks. I completed 496 Dragonfly Blanks.

And the winners are 1. Maryann D of Jacksonville, Florida with a guess of 325 sets of components and 325 completed blanks. 2. Lisa D of Gilbert, Arizona with a guess of 350 sets of components and 350 completed blanks and 3. Jill S of Marathon, New York with a guess of 380 sets of components and 380 completed blanks. I will be emailing each of you to find out which 2 dragonflies you would like winging their way to you. I will be adding the attachments to 6 of the 496 I have just assembled.

Thanks again everyone who took part. You are great motivators. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I’m already thinking about a new, though similar, contest for you in March. 🙂

Now to check my LottoMax Lottery Ticket that was actually drawn on Friday evening. I didn’t want to get sidetracked from the task at hand if I won the 65 million dollars. 🙂

**Update February 26, 2020. Winners have made their selections and I have shipped items as of yesterday, February 25th to each of them. Get a head start on the contest in March. Read the Fancifull Stories. Hint… Pay closest attention to Darby’s storyline as you read. ?

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.