Suction cups and a small supply of metal hair combs (10 to gauge demand) have arrived thanks to ETSY and AMAZON.CA. This means that Dexter and Daphne will be attending the event this weekend with Darby, Delta, Dixie, and Dirk. If you see Dexter before then, don’t let on that he’s out of the dog house. I want him on his best behaviour as I begin packing up for the show. My first and possibly my biggest show of the year. It’s SO FREAKIN’ exciting!

My Dexter Prototype has been outside my window for approximately 3 weeks and no thumps heard It appears to be working as this is the room I spend most of my time in when I’m here and not on my balcony workshop. I have two other friends testing at their homes as well. I’m sure much more testing is required to State the Claim that they deter birds from flying into your windows but isn’t it enough to know they might? Besides, they’re so cute compared to the black vinyl silhouettes of birds and spiderwebs.

The new suction cup is tiny but is strong and as Dexter only weighs 6 grams, there’s not a lot of weight to hold. With a drop of water or DNA-enhanced H2O, the will stick to any smooth dry flat surface. I’m thinking “Tweens” and Teens would love having Dexter hang out inside their locker door. They’re also great for home on filing cabinets, mirrors, smooth-surfaced fridge doors. Not mine. It’s knubly – Is that even a word?

As for Daphne, I’m pretty sure you know her purpose. I’m always up for a new way to present my stock but when I tried to coax Axie to model, he was having none of it! Spoil Sport.

More good news….. Thanks to a wonderful woman named Carlisle (I hope I’ve spelled it correctly.), I was able to climb over sharp rocks, actually boulders, at Andrew Hayden Park and collect a few perfect specimens of driftwood twigs. Now, I have no excuse (except TIME) to not get a mobile made for the show. Carlisle told me that what I refer to as arms of the mobile are actually called paddles. Now I know and so do you. I will try and press my imagination further to create and display one from the center of my canopy for you to see when you visit. (Note to self – DON’T raise the CANOPY ROOF before attaching the Mobile.) My plan is to take orders for similar mobiles for customers requesting one. No two will ever be alike and as it is custom, you can make suggestions on how you’d like your dragonflies presented. I will do my best to accommodate. Copper, Driftwood, and possibly air plants when I get my hands on some of the little blighters. Did I mention that TIME is a factor? I”ve found a source that I need to research more carefully. I’m imagining Hazy Dayz Dragonfly mobiles would be wonderful additions to porches, verandas, pergolas, anywhere there is an overhang to display it. It will be designed to remain outdoors and will gain that sought-after patina over the course of the summer. If you choose to have air plants as part of your custom mobile, and live where succulents cannot withstand outdoor winters, you’ll have to find a place indoors, or replace the air plants each year. Speaking of indoors, bathrooms are another ideal spot for a Hazy Dayz Mobile. With only a slight bit of air circulation, and space for them to dance.

An art piece for the bathroom. Isn’t that SWANKY! The moisture from the shower will keep the air plants their healthiest… and will filter the air too.