Good Morning!

Well that’s one more thing check-marked off the growing list of things I never thought I’d find myself doing in this lifetime. It was a great experience and though I’d love to tell you how I did AND can at this stage, I don’t have an answer for you.

My gut instinct tells me I did well – and I’m harder on myself than anyone else is. That same gut instinct is the one that I’ve finally started listening to and has brought me to this point with Hazy Dayz Dragonflies.

I do not know how well the other contestants did nor how well the contestants waiting in other cities to pitch will do. I know I did the best I could. I was pleased to hear the producers will be reading my website on the plane ride back to Toronto. They have taken a few of my products with them to show other producers and a pitch by Neil, the producer that listened to me, will be made on my behalf.

If I am contacted sometime between the end of this month and mid April, I’m on the shortlist that will be filming in Toronto. If not, there were better ideas and pitches than my own to appear on the 15th season of Dragons Den. I will still be proud of how I represented my company and keep winging it on my own.

I learned that your pitch can be as long as 30 minutes and some have reached 2 hours depending on what you have and the questions being asked by the interested Dragons, potential investors doing their due diligence.

I also learned that of the 100+ contestants that they will invited to Toronto, 20% of them, although they presented and were taped, will not have their pitch aired. Of course the ones that made a deal will be aired but some the ones that aren’t successful, you’ll never see. (As a watcher of Dragons Den, I wonder if we do see them but only in the short clips that Diane Buckner briefly speaks about. Too late to ask, for now.

One thing is for certain. I will be more cognizant of where I keep my phone and to turn it ON!

I’ll post when I hear back. Being the 13th pitcher in the Den has to account for something. 🙂

Hope you remembered to put your clocks ahead. I didn’t need to. Left Lee Valley on the same Friday of the weekend the clocks were to be set back. Hazy Dayz doesn’t have set hours so no need to change them for a short 4 months and 5 days. Trick now is to remember they are the correct time! How many of you don’t even own a clock that requires a manual reset. I bet quite a few. I still have an analogue wristwatch and that’s all it does – tells time.

Have a great day everyone,

Sue, Axie – who’s still sleeping, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley