June 17, 2021

Hi everyone!

Do you feel the normalness wafting back in on the breeze? I do! My spirits are higher as I prepare for my second dose of vaccination in 3 days! I may require some downtime after my shot but I’m still excited. I will have my life back!

Business plans and life plans back on track again. Moving to Newfoundland is still my goal. If not for COVID 19, I would have been moving there THIS Summer. Now planning for Summer 2023 with a trip out to be sure it is as I remember 30 years ago. My business can be anywhere I am so why not the place on earth that has the best people!

Got a tad sidetracked – Nothing new there! The reason for this post is to notify future and past purchasers of a couple of my finishes. The Colourful Ink finish and the Verdigris Patina finish.  I will be re-writing the labelling for these finishes. After testing by my neighbours yard, I’ve come to a decision that they do not perform well enough OUTDOOR display.

The colourful ink does not have the many layers of solid pigment that your car has. Two coats of ultra violet-inhibiting automotive  clear coat, “Dupli-Color,” sun rays and even shaded outdoor light cause visible fading to the original colour. I am purchasing a new product recommended to me – from Permalac. It may help but for now…

The verdigris patina finish, although delicate is stable indoors until it comes into contact with water. During COVID 19 lockdown, I began using products already in my home, namely white vinegar, salt, and my copper scraps, to create a solution for offering a finish my customers have been requesting. Unfortunately, this finish, double clear-coated is no match for rain.  It takes 30 years for a copper roof to turn green naturally. One shouldn’t expect a patina to securely adhere over 3 days!

Possibly dunking in an outdoor lacquer might work? It will, however, change the original colour of the patina. (Typing what you think is not ‘talking to yourself.’ and shows you I’m still working on a ‘solution.’ I’m not giving up but may have to sideline my non-toxic patina solution.)  Though it hurts my heart, I may have to resort to the products on the market for patination. They have ingredient names that are difficult to pronounce but so be it. Once cured they are no longer harmful.

If you have any Hazy DayZ Dragonflies products you are not completely satisfied with, no matter the finish, please contact me through this website or messaging or by phone if you like. Please give me the opportunity to make it right and bring back a smile.

Until further notice, as of today, June 17, 2021, All sales of Colourful Ink and Verdigris Patina critters will be clearly marked “Finish not recommended for Outdoor Display.”

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.