Yesterday, I released my Butterfly Collection at the EY Centre as promised. Of this collection, one Butterfly in particular, FLUTTER, the hanging ornament needs some TLC by her new owners. Please be aware that her balance, that is quality assured when I make her and again when I package her, is perfect. She is the most difficult of all my Fancifulls to produce for this reason. If during her long life with you, her balance becomes skewed, she can be re-centered but you might want to grab a tea or coffee first.

Signatures Originals Booth 613

Due to her large wings, in comparison to DELTA, her dragonfly cohort, her center of gravity is much trickier to find and maintain. Even 1/64″ (1mm) in any direction can cause her to list. Patience, coffee, (wine), and a positive attitude will aid you in her recovery. What I can say is refer to DELTA’s info on the ‘Size, Specs, Tips and Tricks’ page and follow the same guidelines and you will get it right.

I will be putting info on that page for FLUTTER as soon as I have a spare moment. BY CHRISTMAS for CERTAIN!

Some of your buying options… plus a tree full of dragonflies that won’t load on this blog… Grrr!

Off now to create more balanced FLUTTER’s for the lovely people at the Signatures Originals Christmas Show. Hope to see you there.

FLUTTER – perfectly balanced.

Sue, Axie (who’s away at Dog World/Bedrock Kennels – a wonderful boarding location in Almonte, ON for the duration of the show. We will have our reunion on December 16th. I miss the little guy but would not give him the attention he deserves during this busy time for my new company.), and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.