…. in a post created 5 days ago (Dated 6 Aug, whereas today, the day I’m writing, is the 11th August). The only thing there that was in the post. Seems it’s what is needed for customers to purchase online. I think the fine people at wordpress are looking out for me and rooting for me to succeed. As well, when I logged onto my computer this morning, I found a page up that I’d never seen before. Their Privacy Policy was staring me in the face and I’d already clicked to include it on my new business site. And I’d been searching the internet for that very thing as I thought I had to find one myself and include it. It’s like they are holding my hand from afar. Weird but I’m going to believe its true.

I’m not sure if the above link is supposed to be private for me, but am presuming that if it were, WordPress wouldn’t have put it into a blog post for me to find. Trust me. I didn’t do this. I don’t know enough about it to have figured it out. So… do you REALLY want to shop on my site? I’m doing the best I possibly can to ensure my site is safe, but even I’d be leery purchasing from someone with so little knowledge about how online financial transactions function.

What I can state, is that if something goes wrong… and you’re as honest as I am (and not someone who’s purpose for being on my website is to do my company harm), I WILL make it right for you, my customer.

Sincerely yours,

Sue Gibb, Owner of Hazy Dayz Garden Glitter