The weather was perfect. The crowds were plentiful and attending the Glengarry Highland Games will be remembered fondly by me for my entire life. My hard work and practically sleepless nights paid off. Although I would have loved to have sold out of Fancifulls, I’m assured that making a profit and not a loss at my very first event is a success no matter which way you look at it. I’ve chosen to catch the wave and think optimistically. I now have time to get caught up on paperwork and return calls from potential distributors. No rest for the weary… 🙂

Dexter made a lot of friends at the Games as did Dixie. Darby was also quite popular with gardeners. I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of everyone who visited. Making people smile is what I strive for in life. With my Fancifulls, I’m able to do that.

While ringing in regular sales, we also raised $245.15 for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). A little girl of about 3 years of age asked if she could donate 15 cents of her own money. That is why our grand total has “.15” on the end. Gotta love kids. I have none of my own, nor nieces or nephews. That is why I help other families when I can.

I want to publicly thank friends, that without their help, I would not have had the success I experienced. Sara, Joanne and Chris Thank you so much for your long tireless hours and all the advise you each imparted for moving my company forward. I see that I have a lot of work to do.

On a final bubbly note. I hope that one day, you, my readers, will be as fortunate as I was to meet a very special Fire Cracker! Her name is Mackenzie and she’s 10. (The picture she presented to me is at the top of this post.) Mackenzie will talk your ear off but says the most amusing, astounding and interesting things! She reminds me of Megan Follows, in her role as Anne, in Anne of Green Gables, mid 80’s. Mackenzie even has that beautiful red hair, as does her sister, Bronwyn (sp?). Both girls touched my heart and it was a joy meeting them. Mackenzie, as requested…. I’m sure going to try to see you and your family again next year. I’ve put the picture of the Piper you coloured on my fridge as I said I would. Promise yourself to never change or conform and remember that you’re perfect exactly the way you are.

Constance…. You too are a dear. Thank you for your advice. I will be sure to have pamphlets for next year’s Games.

I’m still getting goose bumps as I recall 1,441 drummers and pipers all playing Amazing Grace together… The whole weekend was truly Amazing. Next year, I hope to meet YOU there.