First, lets get the technical stuff out of the way… I don’t know how or why, but my original post about Dixie has appeared, but not with a post linky-thing at the bottom right of the pages. I finally found it located in the previous/next navigation, middle of page. No clue as to why it posted differently. So I do apologize for those of you who are viewing re-posted pictures of my little Dixie Clip. I guess it will be unnecessary for me to post her eyeing the blue watering can. Don’t tell her but I bought her one of her very own to keep her happy in Almonte, August 24th (North Lanark Highland Games) as I listen to the dulcet tones of my beloved bagpipes.

Speaking of the Games, I have decided that due to the speed at which I can assemble the Fancifulls, I will be bringing them to life before those of you who attend the games. You will have the opportunity to have one assembled while you wait – approximately 3 minutes. I also plan to bring a specific colour of glass bead to this event. The bead will indicate that you have met me, the artist, as well as which event and what year you purchased it. I will be keeping track of the different colour beads used for each event so you will know, by the colour of your bead, when and where you met me. Also, just for my own fun, you can show me where on the dragonfly body, you’d like your bead to appear. You can select from Darby, Delta, Dixie (and now DEXTER – August 11th update). I plan on collecting an extra $5 per Fanciful prepared that the show – $15.00 total per unit. For this bonus and I guarantee that the extra $5 fee will be entirely donated to CHEO – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, if reading from further afield. I do have yet to learn how to set a charity donation up. How hard could it be to offer money free and clear? Heck, if all else fails, I’ll go to the Admin Offices of CHEO and hand them a wad of cash.

I’ve also entered into the competition to hopefully be able to display my collection to people that I might not normally rub elbows with. I qualify according to their rules – DESIGN and CREATE original pieces of artwork. The first event I applied to be a part of runs from November 14th through 17th, here in Ottawa at the Shaw Centre. To be a participant of these series of shows, you must not only pay for your space but be adjudicated to ensure you fit with the look the organizers are seeking. Fingers crossed, I have the look – thinking of an ’80’s Roxette song right now . (OK, here I have to state, I’ve not actually entered yet. I will in approximately 5 business days. I tried to use my new temporary BUSINESS credit card, received Wednesday, to apply only to find that a temporary card does not have an expiry date nor a Secure Code on the back. Hmm. In this day and age, not sure if it’s good enough to scrape frost off my windshield… not that I need it for that, currently.) So in full disclosure, I WILL be entering in 5 or so business days. (Update August 11th… I have applied for both shows and am awaiting confirmation… so exciting.)

At the same time, I will be attempting to secure a booth at the Originals Christmas at the EY Centre, here in Ottawa. This show will run from December 5-15 this year – 10 days. That’s going to require a lot of Fancifulls. I’m gearing up to introduce Bianca, Flutter and Fanny, Buttercup, Bella, Brianna and Bonnie at this event, if selected to exhibit. Wish me luck.

Well 2 posts and 2 hours have passed. Time to take the little guy out for his morning constitutional. I must say Axie, 10, my best buddy, a Cairn Terrier, whom I’ve had since puppyhood, is quite happy that I’m able to spend more time with him. What he doesn’t know is that my first big purchase order will secure him a little brother or sister of the same breed. I will be looking for a Cairn rescue between 5 and 10 years old. I’ll be home but not sure I have time to puppy train right now.

I’ll be heading east this fall, once I check to be certain I’m allowed to sell out of province. For those of you chuckling, I’m new at this and need to find out. Maybe yes, Maybe no. I don’t want to break any laws, mostly because I learned very young, I’m always that one who gets caught. Everyone else gets away with things but my ears turn a lovely shade of red when I’m transgressing on the truth and since I like my hair short…well. For me, it’s just easier to follow the rules. If I can sell out of province, I’m going to pack my business in my car and drive to PEI and Cape Breton – where I’d planned to holiday next summer. Now I’ve promised some VISA people, Kaylin, Olivia, and Paul, in Halifax to visit them as they know the whole back-story while helping me make a huge (by my standards) custom packaging purchase from Sydney, Australia. The company is called Swing Tag Co. and they have been working diligently – while I contemplate and change my mind and tweak the appearance of my elegant black and gift boxes with my logo stamped on their top (the same one at the top of my page here), and resting in a pre-cut-for-me-to-fold, pillow of pristine white tissue blanketed with same piece of tissue, (I say it’s all in the fold.) with a seal (also of my logo) caressing the blanket. There is also to be a small card (possibly eng/french) describing the backstory of the Fancifull enclosed, once I get their stories to Swing Tag, I am hoping to have these available to customers/distributors for Christmas purchasing season. So much to do! While enjoying the sights, I will also be seeking out niche shops where I’d like to see my Fancifulls being sold. I actually enjoy the cold-call process. That is how I secured my first purchase order with Ritchie Feed & Seed. In my current employment, I speak with friendly strangers every day. It will be so much better to actually put a face to the voice. (Update August 11th, 2019 -HOLDING OFF on that trip for now – getting WAY ahead of myself. Still in the works for late spring/early summer 2020 however, with possible trip west to BC later in the year.)

I may even venture as far east as Newfoundland and Labrador. It will be wonderful to be back. It’s been 25 years since I lived in Gander, while serving with the Canadian Armed Forces. I’ve heard it’s not quite the same atmosphere as 1/4 of a century ago, but that’s to be expected. Things change.

Next summer, instead of the Maritimes and NL, I’ll be visiting friends in Golden, and Peachland, BC. There again, I’ll bring my company. It’s portable. I’ll meet with shop owners as I go. The people I do business with will have met me and felt the firm grasp of my raised-on-a-working-dairy-farm, retired-military, handshake. That is how I want to proceed with my business.

Did I mention Dragonfly mobiles? I can do it, I’m sure with the help of Google and patience to learn about balance – I’m thinking 7 or 9 dragons per mobile. Last question, How many dragons can live in a den? Just something that came to mind when I shortened dragonflies to dragons… It must be one big den. I thought Puff lived alone, No?

Time to walk my very patient Axe-Man.

Sue, Axie and The Fancifulls