Hello again!

How is everyone doing with our world temporarily off it’s axis? I’m beginning to get used to our new normal though I’m not sure I want to. I hope we are able to have our old normal back and be more appreciative of all its daily bits, I for one, took for granted.


Delta fluttering near the spring lilacs.

Masks are the new norm and however uncomfortable, hot, and  plain tiresome they may be, are absolutely necessary when venturing in public. You will wear one if you care about anyone besides yourself. Those you meet without masks, visibly say what they think of you. They have their rights and to hell with yours! (I likely should erase this part of my post but it is so frustrating sitting at home for 4 months, with no income, knowing there are people that are causing this without a thought to anyone else and leaders who condone, Hell no, leaders who PROMOTE such behavior. I can not understand why people choose not to listen to health authorities? Mixed messaging is being used as an excuse to not wear a mask. Overly protected is far better than not being protected. I guess being overly protected only counts when referring to hand guns and automatic rifles. So sad.

There are fewer people who are claustrophobic than the millions of people, typically young adults, not wearing masks. So much for the saying, ‘Only the good die young.’ Our elderly population has been disseminated by people who have brought the virus into their homes and infected health-care workers who in-turn infected the most vulnerable of our population… Eradicating thousands who died all alone.

Worse yet, these same people don’t seem to give a flying fuck about what they’ve done. “Geriatrics were gonna die anyway.”

When we are young, we can’t believe we’ll ever be in the same position as older adults who are no longer able to care for themselves. These people have had successful careers. They were Lookers in their day. They loved. They raised families, travelled, discovered, and taught. They have LIVED to become OLD.

Here’s the thing. The ONLY way to not get there yourself is to die YOUNG. Please take some time to spend with these people. Learn about their past. Their past has given you your present and future. Care about people who are where you will be, sooner than you imagine… unless you DIE YOUNG. Imagine.



Congratulation contest winners!  They are Lynne R., Cathy P. and Grand Prize Winner is Laverne J. I will be in touch for your physical addresses later today to get your choice of a pair of dragonflies.  Laverne I hope you have a young one in your life who you can show the wonders of miniature life with the pocket microscope.