Dinah loves to hang out on your patio screen door to be noticed as all the company arrives at the BBQ. In place, she can help ensure your screen is still doing it’s job once the last guest heads home.

Hello Lovelies (I’m trying it on for size as my Instagram Coach uses the term all the time. She’s in London UK. It sort of grows on you. No?)


Oh my goodness! Where has the month gone. We are only 6 days shy of  SUMMER!

I have been diligently working away on my Online Instagram Tutorial and am nearing the end of week four’s assignments though I’ve been supplied  week five’s package. I’m told by other students week four is HUGE and take r time to get it right or you may not have the launch you have dreamed of.

Have you ever LOOKED for viable hashtags? That’s what I’m completing now – a 50-minute lesson that I’ve been working on for 3 days! Before that was Planoly and Canva with a dash of Pinterest incorporation to take my photos of my product and meld into one  cohesive feed that my Instagram followers would enjoy viewing.  I have 30 post photos ready and in order in Planoly, 24 of which still require captioning and hashtags. Doing this correctly is not for the faint-hearted!…

Did you know that Instagram has a character count of 2200 available for each post?  Foolish fingers, hold me back! I’ think I will hold off on posting further Fancifull Stories to my website until my Instagram followers have been introduced to the lot (28)  at which point, I will consider writing fresh stories and post to Instagram at the same time as I post to my website. This does mean that my stories will be short, or may have cliffhangers for a couple of days.  I think you can handle it. 😉

For now,  Let me suggest a new product material and get your feedback.  It has been suggested that I create my dragonflies and butterflies from with a gold tone.  I’m debating purchasing some annealed bright brass.  Your challenge is to let me know via my email address  – YES, or NO, if I should go ahead and order some brass stock.

By answering, either way, you are entered in June’s contest. 2 winners and one GRAND PRIZE winner will be drawn at random from the selection of answers I receive. By supplying a valid email address and a simple answer to my question, I’m able to notify you if you are one of the three winners.  This month, along with the pair of copper dragonflies, chosen by each of 3 (three) winners, the GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a pocket microscope that really does fit in the back pocket of the owner and can be pulled out on any adventure to inspect leaves or rocks, even insects in their own environment. No tearing up of Grandma’s bluebell plant -Tsk-tsk – or  sounds of rocks tumbling in the washer. AND no bringing a dozen or so ants indoors for further investigation.

Pocket Microscope

For the inquisitive mind with a love of nature – a pocket-sized travel microscope.

This unique prize is sure to bring months of pleasure to anyone 6 years of age and up. Over the course of the summer, my plan is to find homes for all 3 of these units, but one at a time. Anticipation is part of the fun of acquiring anything worth having!

So let me know at hazydayzdragonflies@gmail.com.  Should I purchase bright brass stock and start creating my dragonflies to look like gold?  Yes? No?  Easy.Depending on the number of responses I receive, I will go ahead with the purchase. All other characteristics will remain the same as it has become my “look”  for my company.

I still have to get working on the Bumble bees that I promised would be ready for The Christmas Originals Signature Show this December.  If possible, I may have some available for purchase at the Signatures Original Show beginning Thursday, October 15, through Sunday, October 18, 2020.

The 40th Annual Signatures Originals Craft Show  will be held at the Aberdeen Pavilion, Landsdowne Place, a site chosen prior to COVID-19, and is the same show that has been presented at our fine Shaw Centre for a number of years. I have been selected  as a vendor at this highly curated event. Fingers crossed that everything comes together and customers venture out  out to see us in whatever manner is required and deemed safe by then.


Until next time, when I can say I’ve officially launched my Instagram Feed,  Be Safe and Stay Healthy. #nosecondwave