There will be 3 winners of a pair of Dragonflies. All winners last month lived in USA. Now I’ve learned my shipping costs to you. And travel time for future US customers to receive orders.

As promised, here is an easy contest IF you’ve been reading the Fancifull Stories.

To enter, you must send an email to, with your answers to both questions. I will be posting the first name and location of each winner. I will contact you via your email to get postal service mailing address.

Question 1. What fear did Darby have when he was younger?

Question 2. Who was instrumental in helping Darby overcome his fear?

Remember – email answers only so I can keep track of all responses.

Contest closes March 22nd. All entries with both answers correct will be written down and placed in a “hat.” You will have to trust me to draw as poor Axie was not born with opposible thumbs.

I will email winners on March 23rd.

Stay safe everyone. Hang tight and know that we are in this COVID-19 fight together, no matter where you are.

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.