First let me say that my Show in Carleton Place this past weekend was great. The arena was packed. The location was perfect. I arrived in light snow pants because I wasn’t sure how well heated a hockey arena would be upstairs. As I’m a farm girl, me and my brothers didn’t have time to LEARN to skate – and yes, I’m Canadian. I had been in very few arenas and this was the first time in one with a second floor AND an elevator! I was toasty warm and didn’t need the snowpants… however the alternative was my nickers so I soldiered on. 🙂

Many dragonfly lovers attended the “Fall into Winter” Craft Sale and were looking for Christmas Gifts and items for their own pleasure. I finally had pictures available of Daphne (hair comb) at work… Thank you Linda for the use of your gorgeous hair. Daphne quickly became an overnight sensation, 2 months in the making.

A visit from an Annulet Moth
A visitor under my halogen lamp while work in the wee morning hours

Today I want to tell you about what happened yesterday during my morning dragonfly making time. It was still dark – about 5:15am and I was using my halogen lamp for task lighting. As it was the only light switched on, Molly a small moth was drawn to it. I don’t generally see moths this time of year. It’s quite nippy at night and we’ve had half a dozen that have left frost in their wake.

While I was working, “Molly” decided to land on my hand. Now that I know the sad plight of moths, I couldn’t bare to shue her away to continue my work. If you’ve not read my post about Teddy and his Sister Mayberry, please check out my Fancifull Story titled, “No Paperwork, No Fee” You will understand. Moths have no mouth parts. You can only presume what that means unless you follow a moth for a few hours to a few days.

Until I started this company and began writing about insects, I knew nothing about them and would sometimes try to capture a moth and put it back outdoors. Many times I was not as kind. Yesterday, my heart sank when I realized I might be the last living being this little one would spend time with. I wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. I sat quietly – and noticing my camera at arms length, took pictures of him instead. He/She eventually (about 20 minutes later) flew up to my ceiling and from there I’m not certain where they went.

These poor souls don’t ever get a meal, let alone a “Last Supper.” They’re only purpose once the transition from caterpillars to moths is to breed, lay eggs and produce more caterpillars. The energy they retain from their larval state is all the energy they have left to make this happen. How sad is that? and my pilly old – but warm pajama top was not going to be a place where this one could find a mate. Trust me. It is possible to feel wretched about a moth.

The same phone that allowed me to take a few pictures for you while I waited, also allowed me to google “moth dust” to find out if it harms moths when you touch them. What I learned is that that dust is actually microscopic scales that fall off when you touch them and although butterflies and moths both have these scales and they aid them in flying, losing some of them will not harm them.

In the case of the moth, they have much larger issues to overcome and that may not happen for a few million years… if ever.

Speaking of transitioning, although I’m not the right species to transition through metamorphosis, I am transitioning myself, not retiring, on November 1st. I’m calling my party a “Transitioning Party.” I’ve invited about 60 friends and neighbours as the party is VERY close to where I live. Kichesippi Tap Room Bells Corners (Ottawa). I’ll be there from 6pm to 9pm on Friday evening if you’d like to stop in and introduce yourself. I’m afraid the beer is not on the house – and I’m not in a financial position to have an open bar in a public location, but you are more than welcome to pull up a stool or chair and join me and my friends.

OK Ken… I need to get the Axe-Man outdoors. Not going to proof this one. Go to TOWN 🙂

Here’s to a great day for you that transitions into a lovely evening,

Sue, Axie and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley