Yesterday, you may notice I posted twice. That’s not a good idea I’m told. Followers might not notice and then miss something. Oh well. I post when I can, when I have time and while I still remember what I’d like to convey.

Just me?…. Or do you see a dragonfly in this photograph?

I know there are stats to show best days for me to post – dependent on when my followers are finding time to follow. I may come to a point where I’ll be organized enough to match my posts up with your timelines… but for now, just getting my information out there is my goal. (I still need to do a page that describes the physical difference between, say a DARBY, a DIXIE or a DEXTER. That information is only listed on my Purchasing page and my stats show that not many people visit that page… (Thank you Kyle.) I don’t know why. My site is secure – Note lock in address block. I wonder if it does not show up on iPads? (Mike S? Does it?)

Yesterday, I posted a new Fancifull Story. These stories appear to be filtering through my synapses at a rate of approximately one per week. I’ve come to think of Sunday morning as a quiet time over coffee for these posts – even if I have them prepared a day or two before. Chances are I’m still looking for pics in those last hours, anyway. I’m not quite sure how dragonflies will look on snow-covered branches…. pretty though not very realistic…. (Sue, get a grip!…We’re talkin’ sheet copper here, Not real dragonflies!!!) … Where was I… LOL

I also posted about my fantastic, helpful neighbours because I decided that post was LONG overdue.

So there you have it. 2 posts in one day and no apologies!

Next up, I’ve learned that if you are using an iPad, you do not see the ‘Featured Image’ at the top of each post. I’m wondering how many of my followers are using this device. It is the go-to for many. I may have to re-jig as ‘Featured Image’ is where I have been installing my best images and you may not be seeing them. How Sad. If you want to contact me and let me know if you see my full post I’d be very thankful. EACH post shows a sharp image before the title of the post. Today, you should still be guessing what an empty milk glass with partially eaten chocolate chip cookies has to do with this post… NOTHING though to show you what “Dex” can do, grab your attention… And make you think of your children. 🙂

Time to get ready for my day job. My spare time will be spent installing metalic copper-coloured “Made in Canada” stickers including our iconic Maple Leaf to 5000 hang tags. Newbie error in packaging design. Distributors want it. I had them made and now have to add them to my tags. I have been known to learn things the hard way. There’s all my breaks and lunches at work taken care of. 🙂

Have a great week. Hope you don’t get yourself into any sticky situations,

Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.