Hello There!

How’s your summer so far?

I felt it was time to update my blog. I’ve completed adding new products to my shop for those of you who are unable to visit me LIVE around the Ottawa, Canada area.  I’m finding it challenging to keep items on a website AND in a vendor booth. Many items are one-of-a-kinds (OOAK) and I stress over selling an item live only moments AFTER the same item was purchased online.  This was something unheard of before the pandemic as I didn’t have an E-Commerce website.  How to deal?

I remain a sole proprietor, with every step in this business completed by me. There is, however, one other person who knows how to make my copper dragonflies.  Doreen, of Kensington, PE, was the most fabulous host at her exceptional Bed and Breakfast.  We sat at her kitchen table on my first night there, crafting as we sipped wine.  I had a blast! 7 days ticked by far to fast. I hope to return. Such good driftwood on many beaches and relaxingly fantastic place to stay, mid island.

The Bryanton’s Bed and Breakfast, Kensington PE

Since my return, I have been cleaning, sanding, and finishing many pieces of driftwood for you to choose from.  PEI Collection pieces are labelled in the shop. Many more listings to follow.

I have also experimented and begun offering another dragonfly colouring technique – “Hydro-dipping.”

Some of the PEI Collection dragonflies show the results of my technique. Very fussy work but the results are dreamy. Currently, individual critters with this colouring technique are not available online. All pieces of previous finishes are unique but these dragonflies, especially so. Chosen in person is the best way.  The 2022 Vendor Booth Christmas Tree is going to be exceptional with this latest addition for Christmas ornaments.

A few butterflies have been coloured by hydro-dipping, though not many. more surface to cover, therefore more chance for error. Perfecting technique on dragonfly wings before dipping more butterfly wings.

I hope you are finding your days and productive and successful as here and Hazy DayZ Dragonflies.

Until next time,