I don’t usually comment in a post about where you can purchase my products beyond my website. ( I do have a page that lists the physical locations across Canada where they can be purchased.

Today I feel compelled to mention a shop in Perth Ontario that has my products for sale as of Tuesday, February 25th, when I personally traveled to deliver them to Nancy Lanouette – ahead of the snowstorm we are in the middle of.

I believe our business relationship was meant to be. I have been trying since the very beginning of my company’s history to get my products to Perth. Two times, I’ve been disappointed. Upon meeting Nancy, I know without question, that there was a reason for those prior disappointments. They were not the fit I needed for Hazy Dayz Dragonflies.

Fancifulls Love Snow – Today’s storm will not deter them from glittering and adding sparkle to your garden – even in Winter!

Nancy’s company and lovely store is called “Where Dragon’s Fly” and she is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. I felt like I had known her forever within 3 minutes of meeting her. Her essential oil lines and knowledge of them combined with jewelry including sparkly dragonfly items, and even adaptive living products are all reason enough to visit her present location at 16 Gore Street East (That’s Perth’s MAIN street).

However, don’t blink! This weekend she is moving to a new location…61 Gore St East… Wonderful Corner location with a beautiful, big front window. In 2 short years, her extensive selection of quality product lines have outgrown their current premises. Wow!

Currently, Nancy carries my full Dragonfly Collection. A birdie tells me you may find them flitting in that new front window… possibly accompanied by my Butterfly Collection.


I do hope you stop in to say hi to Nancy. She’ll be one of the those people in your life that will make you smile whenever you speak with her or even think of her. All that and I only met her 2 days ago… for 30 minutes! Some impression!

Take some time for yourself. Visit Nancy in Perth to get all the pampering items you can dream of to make your valuable time more relaxing.

Sue, Axie and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley