Dirftwood Accent – COUNTRY FENCE

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**New Listing – June 7, 2021.

COUNTRY FENCE Driftwood Table Accent

Are you old enough to remember fences being built from felled spruce and cedar trees? I am and as I was fortunate enough to be raised on a 400-acre farm, I helped with regular fence mending so our 40 Holstein-Friesian Milkers only escaped into OUR corn fields and not our neighbour’s.

COUNTRY FENCE reminds me of those days. Not all of it was romantic.

(Circa 1975 +/- 5 years.)

Days when upturned pine root stumps, integral in my family’s fencing system, were stealthily removed under the cover of darkness, to adorn suburban lots as artwork. Outcome? Our cows escaped and had to be located and collected before they came to harm.

The day/night/weekend when the barn board was TOTALLY stripped from our ‘Back-40’  old storage barn, again to supply a ’70’s trending esthetic. rec room wall treatment. Outcome? Rotted hay/food and straw/bedding for the cows from exposure to the elements.

Am I still bitter? Heck yeah. 40-plus years later,  I still hope that the barn board was wormy, and the Yahoos who lifted it infested their homes with bugs.

Farming is a very hard life. We should have more respect for those who work hard to feed us, no matter what end of the supply chain they work on.

Now that I have that off my chest….

Three pink-winged copper dragonflies are stationed well to ensure this fencepost and fallen rail do not disappear on their watch!

Ottawa River Driftwood – All pieces fit perfectly as found, Including the base of this one with an underside of well worn grass-green stain. Base branded with Hazy DayZ Dragonflies name. Protected with water base exterior urethane for durability and to enhance woodgrain.

Fence post surrounded by 2 live tillandsias – air plants, reminiscent of the corn fields our cows loved to escape to.

COUNTRY FENCE is suited to a location where Tilly’s can receive indirect sunlight.  Direct – even for an hour or two a day will shrivel them. I learned the hard way. Resuscitation underway on a few unfortunates. Soaked overnight and they are coming around but I think Ill let them soak themselves for another 24 hours and be more careful with my north-facing bay window this time of year. It gets SUNLIGHT!!! (May 30th)

Air plant instructions included with purchase.

Size 48 cm (19 inches) long x 12 cm (4.5 inches) deep  x 25 cm (9-3/4 inches) tall.

Free ground shipping within Canada. Due to Customs restrictions on live vegetation, this product is not available for shipping outside of Canada.


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