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The newest dragonfly design at Hazy Dayz Dragonflies. Something new that was first available at the Ontario Horticultural Association’s Annual General Meeting that was held at the Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata Ontario, July 21st through 23rd, 2023.

I decided to use the hole found in the copper plant tags and create a second dragonfly hanging ornament. As her first appearance would be at the OHA AGM, and knowing her name MUST begin with a ‘D’, I chose DAHLIA, a pretty summer flower that I’ve struggled with in previous gardens. Darn earwigs!

Available in Hydro-Dipped colours.

Each piece is unique with no duplication. Examples pictured may have sold. Please comment on any general colour choice you may prefer. We will do our best to accomodate and may contact you to help with your selection.

Supplied with a camouflaging green hook, allowing your dragonfly to fly, untethered, among the branches, and a metal decorative hook.

Size:  9cm X  9cm  Shipping weight: (0.018kg)

Shipping available by Canada Post . If you’d prefer contactless pick-up, please message me before placing your order. I’m not sure how to remove shipping costs after the fact. E-transfer works fine for pick-up orders.

Made in Canada.

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