Driftwood Accent “DRAGON FOLD”

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DRAGON FOLD – Driftwood Wall/Table Accent

This, although 21″ in length is actually only a small chunk of a hollowed out large tree trunk. An artsy friend, on our first meeting, dragged it down Constance Bay Beach, far north reaches of the Ottawa tax boundary for me. My hands were full with 2 large blue IKEA bags of smaller pieces of driftwood. Thank you Marlene!

The 20″-diametre trunk was originally 7 feet long and you should have seen us squishing into my tiny hatchback, still covered in damp beach sand. We were the sight of the beach that morning for certain.

Four colourfully inked copper dragonflies in a colour scheme of Valencia Orange, surround 4 live tillandsias, air plants. Three of these are bunched together.

Pets? Never fear. Your tillandsias will be the worse for wear when Smokey decides he wants a nibble. Air plants are dog and cat friendly.

DRAGON FOLD  will arrive with accompanying informative and amusing instructions to ensure your tillandsias thrive. Instructions written by yours truly.

This piece has been designed to rest upright on a horizontal surface or can be hung from a wall hook. When deciding where to display DRAGON FOLD, keep in mind that the tillandsias do best in indirect sunlight (beside a window) and need to be easily accessible for regular soakings, watering.

A lovely, one-of-a-kind piece for the dragonfly lover in your life. Could it be you?

Size 53 cm (21 inches) L X 15 cm (5.75 inches) H X17 cm (7 inches) W

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