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Charles Ducklington III, the newest dragonfly in Oh Valley, is a crafting version in our Recycled Beverage Can Collection and is supplied with a length of matching craft wire to attach DUCK to your project.

Why “Ducklington?”. I admit it. I am a geography geek. The first crafting dragonfly produced from recycled beer cans; the one I’ve photographed, clearly states ‘Hobgoblin,’ across its wings. Hobgoblin is brand of UK beer with its Wychwood Brewery located in Witney, Oxfordshire. A tiny stroll south brings you to  the small village of Ducklington. I liked the name. It begins with the prerequisite ‘D,’ and I smile when I think of the nickname, ‘DUCK.’  There is only one dragonfly with the word, ‘Hobgoblin’ on it. For more I need drop offs of Wychwood Brewery Beer or at least empty Hobgoblin cans. Just sayin.’ ?

These “Up-cycled”  Aluminum Dragonflies are made from re-cycled beverage cans. I’ll never look at an aluminum can the same way. What’s inside has become secondary to the design on the outside of it.  The more colourful and intricate the can design, the more vibrant the resulting wings of the dragonfly. Wings are paired to be from the same strip of Aluminum to ensure they’re a matching set.

Multiple colours available depending on beverage can stock. If a certain colour is requested, I will try to comply but can not guarantee a specific colour.

Dragonfly Size: 3.5″ (9cm) X 3.5″ (9cm)  Shipping weight 0.983oz (0.021kg)

Shipping available by Canada Post.



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Weight 0.021 kg
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