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DUNCAN is new to Oh Valley. So new, he has no storyline yet, however, I predict he and DEXTER will become quick friends. Since I’m the author of their lives, I believe my prediction will come true. ?

Like DEXTER, DUNCAN is equipped with a 25mm (1″) diameter, very durable suction cup wired securely under his upper abdomen. Attach him to the outside window pane to warn off errant birds throughout the year. A tiny drop of water in the cup prior to pressing securely on the glass ensures he stays put. Indoor locations for use include mirrors, ceramic tiles, glass vases, and framed photos. Polished marble, granite and quartz are all likely locations to find Duncan.

These “Up-cycled”  Aluminum Dragonflies are made from re-cycled beverage cans. I’ll never look at an aluminum can the same way. What’s inside has become secondary to the design on the outside of it.  The more colourful and intricate the can design, the more vibrant the resulting wings of the dragonfly. Wings are paired to be from the same strip of Aluminum to ensure they’re a matching set.

Multiple colours available depending on beverage can stock. If a certain colour is requested, I will try to comply but can not guarantee a specific colour.

Dragonfly Size: 3.5? (9cm) X 3.5? (9cm)  Shipping weight 0.988oz (0.028kg)

Shipping available by Canada Post


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Weight 0.027 kg
Dimensions 20.9 × 15.9 × 1.5 cm


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