FANNY Alligator Clip, Copper

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Quite possibly the most versatile of the Butterfly Collection. Secured by copper wire under her abdomen, FANNY can attach to shade sales, woody plant branches – 3/16″ (5mm) mouth opening –  and patio awnings.

Indoors FANNY glitters from curtains and drapes. Other places she likes to display her beautiful wings include hat bands, scarves and those non-woven clothing items you’d rather not pierce with a brooch pin.  She’s happy to hang around wherever you are.

Size 2.5″ (6.5cm) X 3.0″ (8.0cm)  Shipping weight: 0.811oz (0.023kg)

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Shipping Information

Weight 0.023 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 15.9 × 1.3 cm

BRIGHT Copper $24.00, HAMMERED Copper $29.00, FLAMED Copper $26.00, VERDIGRIS Patina $29.00, COLOURFUL Ink $29.00


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