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Driftwood Accent

It is a rare person who always gets along with everyone all the time. MENDED RIFT symbolizes a relationship that has been given a second chance. Where the repair has been made, it is stronger than ever.

Loved the texture and colour undulations on the underside of this piece of bark driftwood. Should be flooring or embossed leather on a jacket. Quickly decided that the underside would be the top side. The tear, “rift”, was a part of this piece when I found it and thought I may not actually be able to use it. I picked it up anyway because I loved the pattern so much. Mended and made the rift a focal point. MENDED RIFT

Each piece of driftwood I use for my displays is personally selected for its uniqueness. It is meticulously cleaned, then protected with a light coat of outdoor grade, water-based, satin-sheen urethane to enhance its natural colour variations.

An original and authentic “Hazy Dayz Dragonflies,” flamed copper dragonfly is then mounted to the prepared base.

Canada Post shipping or curbside pick-up available.

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Dimensions 28 × 9 × 9 cm


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