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Do you know a resident doctor? Someone who has studied their heart out through medical school. Now, the proud wearer of THE white coat and owner of those hard-earned beautiful letters prefixing their given name forevermore.


They have graduated to riding, albeit still in training for their specialty. TRAINING WHEELS (One day they may study my noggin to see where I dream up these details?… all from looking at a piece of driftwood that was wobbly and needed support from falling over. (Fact – Was going to name it ‘Wobbly Pop.’)

Each piece of driftwood I use for my displays is personally selected for its uniqueness. It is meticulously cleaned, then protected with a light coat of outdoor grade, water-based, satin-sheen urethane to enhance its natural colour variations.

An original and authentic “Hazy Dayz Dragonflies,” flamed copper dragonfly is then mounted to the prepared base.

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