The weather was fantastic at Carleton Place Junction for the PumpkinFest yesterday. The people were plentiful and a smile was the facial expression of the day.


I had a front-row location to witness hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of children having a fantastic time on the massive hay bale pile with incorporated slides, set up for the event in the middle of the new park. It seems every parent was carrying one of those pumpkin creations their child made prior to getting to the hay bales. Children and parents were also showing they were ready for Halloween with dozens of costumes on display. The face painter did amazing work as well. Unfortunately, I was too busy to take pictures. All I can say is that it was a success all around.

I couldn’t type this post without mentioning the booth next door. They must have brought over 1000 cupcakes of every flavour you can possibly imagine. They saw dozens at I time line up to purchase cupcakes. Even I had to get a couple. One was Maple Bacon while the other was their last that had pieces of funnel cake and mini marshmallows pressed into the mile-high swirl of vanilla icing, all drizzled with butterscotch syrup. I’m certain they had over 40 flavours of cupcakes. No pictures of those either. Next year, you’ll have to venture out to Carleton Place and see for yourself.


Speaking of busy, I am so back-logged with the routine requirements of keeping a home. I’m unable to sit and create my weekly Fancifull Post. Sorry Kids. I think some of you that I met yesterday have some catching up to do anyway. 😉

Catch me here next Sunday morning and I will have a new story for you. Right now, the Fancifulls are cleaning up the last of the dishes from their Thanksgiving Celebration… Housework… just like I have in store for me today… that and visiting a neighbour with gorgeously long chestnut hair and getting some photos of Daphne in use as well as planning Signatures Original Christmas show with a second neighbour. House-cleaning may have to wait.

Sue, Axie and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley.