That I’m going to need not only an online presence, but a e-commerce strategy as well. Please give me a few weeks to figure this out as I’m told by my banking financial adviser that I’ve been set up to receive email payments. You have a better chance knowing what that means than I do but I’ll figure it out this long weekend in between clipping a few hundred pairs of wings. (Update as of August 11th, 2019, – PayPal is set up now… and e-transfers will cost me a mint after my first 10 transactions with my Business account. Please use PayPal. Thank-you.)

As it stands right now, I have a song, heard in the 1967 musical, ‘Oliver’ and sung by Fagan…, running through my head in a continuous loop… It goes like this: ‘I’m reviewing the situation…. I think I better think it out again!’ Thanks Carol for your support.