I was told there would be days like this.

When I asked other vendors what I was to say when I was asked how the show went, it was suggested that I say, “Fine.” Now does that sound like anything I’d say??? Nope.

I’m not one to ‘guild the lily’ so let me tell you straight. The show was horrendous! And to make matters worse, it was a perfectly beautiful Autumn day so the weather was not the culprit.

There were 40 vendors including myself set up and waiting for a crowd that didn’t materialize. We were at a lovely retirement home (Shhh…. I’m told residents pay upwards of $6000 a month to stay there. … And here’s me thinking aches, pains, wrinkles and grey hair were the worst parts of getting old. Nope again.). Our 40 tables took up ALL the available space in their common areas. The retirement home was were kind enough to host us as our original venue, a church in the city’s east end decided, on late notice, they were not going to have us after all.

I asked half way through our gruelingly tedious day, what the problem was. Why no customers? I was told that unfortunately, the advertising for vendors was great, – Heck I found them and I’m a Newbie! – but the advertising for customers was less than stellar.

We had no more than 10 people arrive that were not there to visit loved ones. Visiting family members and residents were delighted to have such goings-on under their roof and used the opportunity to take their daily stroll with their walkers. Unfortunately change purses were not forthcoming.

So… I sold 4 dragonflies all day – 7 long hours! Worse yet, I purchased items that totaled $15 dollars more than my gross revenue. All items I purchased are lovely A crocheted shawl, I’m currently wearing over my PJ’s as I type – so cozy, a essential oil necklace, matching dragonfly earrings, a lovely card… all items that I did not know existed before this show so would have been none the wiser if I’d stayed home and prepared more dragonflies for Originals Christmas. There were Fall-themed cookies that I kept going back for too. So good and right around the corner from my own table. These and the coffee that wasn’t quite as bottomless as advertised sustained me until we were told that we could pack up by 3:00 pm as they were not expecting anyone else to attend the show.

I also willingly donated a Shadowbox with Sunflower and Dragonfly to the raffle that was being held at the end of the day. It was for Habitat for Humanity so I shall not squelch… too much…. but geez! After a week of preparing for my FIRST EVER craft show, loading all the wreaths, shadowboxes, dragonflies and table display items into my tiny hatchback, getting there by 7:30am (40 minutes away), setting up…. And everything in reverse order after the NO SHOW…. it is somewhat disheartening. That’s the unvarnished truth.

I made a couple of new friends, Sandra and Sabrina, and I learned a very valuable lesson. Do not sign up for a show just because you have a weekend that is not booked. Do some research and choose events that are worth your time. ( I did take dragonfly components with me and did some work while I waited so I guess that is good. Sandra and Sabrina are true artisans but can not bring their work with them. Paint and Epoxy on the TV room carpet would not have gone over well.)

I also learned about “Bed Risers”…. flat-topped cones that I’m told I can get at Canadian Tire to lift the height of my table 6” so customers don’t have to bend down to see a product. Ahhh… good point. Will be getting a few sets of them this week, one for each of my 3 tables. So I guess it wasn’t a total wash.

Though not available, could have used it when I got home.

Hope your week is full of activity,