Good Morning,

Here I sit at 4:26am, happily updating my blog. So much to tell everyone about the speed with which “The Fancifulls” are becoming acquainted with their neighbours even those much further afield. They are a happy community to be around. I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to meet them too.

For some unknown reason, although I can see my last post as published, I’m not physically able to see it on my website. For 6 days, I’ve tried to understand why and correct it. Unfortunately, the technical loop-de-loops are still beyond my grasp. Therefore, I’m going to post the same pictures (beautifully taken by my new Google Pixel 3a), and will keep working to pull the words and full post about Dixie’s introduction last Saturday. I want to try it because I’m wondering if the size of the pictures is such that with my ISP package, the file is too large? That’s all I got folks. I’m technically blind and am as good at understanding it as I am at reading Braille.

Uh OH… The eastern sky out my window in Oh Valley is brightening to a beautiful shade of fuchsia (4:55am). Is it a sailor take-warning day? Possibly another wet-wing day. Well that will be in keeping with the pictures I’m re-posting and hoping you’ve not seen before… well sort of hoping anyway. They were taken during a Day-long rain shower June 15th and you will see droplets of rain glittering everywhere. If you have seen them, I apologize. Could you please comment and tell me why I’m unable to see this particular WordPress post live.

I was never one to awake and say, “I gotta write (thanks for your editing skills KB) that down.” Lately, I find myself doing that. Partially because of all the marketing and merchandise (physical products) ideas, as well as business plans that are constantly popping into my head. My banker, Mike S, (No not my past husband, my real Small Business Banking Financial Advisor), loves my enthusiasm and ideas… and his wife loves her ‘Delta.’ I’m told it brought a smile to her face. That is what I’m offering. Smiles and Happy Moments in an otherwise stressful and chaotic life.

My Staples Tech guy, Ben, actually purchased Darby for himself and Delta for his Mom. So now I must report I have a cute little b/w printer – still in the box, a spare cartridge that cost more than half the price of the printer, and that QuickBooks is now installed on this laptop. Of course I’ve not opened it! But my accountant, Peter told me that if I want him to do my taxes next year, I would get it. He could have warned me it costs almost as much as my laptop did. Holy Freakin’ Crap! All that in one little 6 x 8 x 1 box? It’s not even a diamond. They’re allowed to come in small boxes.

I delivered my first major order yesterday, June 20th, to Ritchie Feed and Seed – 5 separate displays, one for each of their 5 locations in Eastern Ontario. The following seems a bit crazy – even to me, but it was sad to say good-bye to them. I wavered and really did tell them to behave themselves as I backed out of Mona’s – accountant for Ritchie Feed and Seed – office. I hope they heed my words and that they bring you nothing but pleasure for years to come. (Yes, I’m tearing up.)

If you look very closely, you’ll see that I designed the stand in such a way as to display Delta to her best advantage. She is suspended on a curved wire above each display, where she can flutter a greeting with each passing breeze. I felt a clip and stem were self explanatory but poor Delta. The cellophane bag just didn’t do her any justice. Sort of like a bathing suit on a hanger. Ya gotta try it on to know it’s potential for displaying your curves to their best potential. Ladies? YOU know what I mean! Is it mad to want to drive to each location and fluff up my display and make sure Delta is keeping an eye on things?

I’m not sure how long a post is supposed to be for it to be enjoyable to my readers so I’m going to end this one, so I can start a new one. I’m figuring the bus has already brought you to your destination and you’re apt to bump into someone with your head down reading my blog. Wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we? More on my plans to meet you at the Lanark Highland Games, August 24th, Almonte Ontario, in my next post – to be typed immediately – before my coffee gets cold.

See you there,