*** Update April 22nd 2020 – As of tomorrow, I will be delivering my stock of Solidarity HEART Tulips to the Stockkeeper for the VIRTUAL Canadian Tulip Festival for Addition to their ONLINE BOUTIQUE. If you were considering purchasing one, please see: https://www.tulipfestival.ca

We are all impacted by the new normal we must adopt with a new structure, that is almost too much to bear. It is difficult. As humans, we are social animals. I get that. Trust me, I get that.

For the foreseeable future and possibly longer, we need to keep our physical distance from each other. As hard as that will be for children and grandparents; for mothers and daughters; fathers and sons, we must isolate from everyone that is not in our immediate household. That distancing hurts hearts everywhere.

I propose a show of solidarity that can easily be seen from a distance when out walking. I have designed, and now handcraft, “Solidarity HEART” Tulip Pins.

This copper tulip represents the freshness of Spring. Its sparkle will remind us of happier times. Unlike live tulips, Solidarity HEART Tulips will not wither. They will remain strong and vibrant, with an integral heart stamen that represents your love for those you are distancing from until the day you can re-unite.

As with my other collections, you can choose from a variety of words that best displays your thoughts. “Calm”, “Care”, “Give”, “Hope”, “Love”, “Peace”, and “Share”. Each word statement is engraved with an accompanying tiny dragonfly. I profess that I am not a professional engraver. I’m a novice with an engraving pen. I promise legibility and individuality.

Due to the timing of this global emergency, I felt a simple copper, hand-crafted tulip would be the appropriate symbol, a symbol that will live as a constant until families can openly celebrate in each others arms; until neighbours can stand side by side without fear; until we can shake hands with old friends, the true sign of friendship and trust…

Until Humanity, heals.

For further details, please visit my “Shop Collections Online” page – https://hazydayzdragonflies.com/at-last-dragonfly-shopping/

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I would also like to hear from you if you have a custom project I can help you realize.

I find something as simple as a mantra to be helpful during these tumultuous times. The mantra I’ve used for many years and with increasing frequency these past days is, “Calm Blue Ocean.”

We will make it through this together. God Bless.

Sue Gibb