If you have been following recently, you will know Hazy Dayz Dragonflies is  knee-deep in our June Contest. It’s more of a chance to offer your opinion on another expansion of my Fancifull Collection.


A small sample that may lead to 14 new SKU’s – and 14 more characters in my Fancifull Stories.

It was suggested that I make gold Fancifulls. At first I scoffed… like I’d have the resources to work with gold. After a few minutes reflection, a brass bell rang in in my head, or should I say a five-alarm, Fire Station bell.

I decided to ask my readers and customers  whether they would like to see gold coloured dragonflies. By emailing their opinion – either way, they would receive an entry to win a pair of COPPER dragonflies and one grand prize winner will win a pocket microscope for ages 6+.

The contest is still open until Sunday, July 5th (2020) but all but one of the current entrants have said Yes to “gold” butterflies and dragonflies.  I purchased a small sample, delivered to my door today, SATURDAY via you know who,  to ensure I can achieve the task and will begin creating stock once the contest closes.

I have given myself until the end of this month to work on my website conversion, tweak my stories – Currently edited to the best of my ability through Story 15 (of 28) and learn all I can about Instagram via an amazing course I’ve been taking for 5 weeks.  Without a pandemic, I would have never found the time as I would have been crafting stock and selling at my craft fairs, something I love to do. I guess there’s a silver lining and small thanks in there somewhere. 😉

Though the decision has been made, I hope you will send me an email with your opinion and to be entered into the draw. I will contact you at the email address you supply to request mailing info if you are one of the 3 winners.

Please stay safe. Stay cool if you’re in the same heatwave we are experiencing in Ottawa,


Rocky looking for a comfy spot out of the heat for his siesta.


“Quit staring! Never seen a raccoon have a siesta before?”



Sue, Axie, and all the Fancifulls of Oh Valley (and I must not forget Rocky)  a friendly raccoon who’s taken to afternoon siesta’s in the crotch of a tree outside my dining room. Axie was in a 5-hour near-apoplectic fit over it.  He can see the racoon quite clearly from the balcony.  It is too hot to close my doors and windows because it is 32C  (89.6F) indoors as I do not have AC. Thankfully my neighbours understood the situation. Not sure how long they will sympathize so hopefully after 2 of 3 afternoons and evenings, he’s found a more comfortable nest. He’s not here yet and it’s 5pm.